Get the stunning and natural furniture from the Weave collection in POINT

The architect Antoni Gaudí was inspired by the elements of nature to build the most beautiful buildings. Something similar has been achieved by the designer Vincent Martinez with his collection of Weaver furniture, which you can now find in the refined POINT store.


The company POINT began its journey almost a century ago, in 1920, when José Pons Pedro developed the origin of this company based on craftsmanship as a natural process to build objects and furniture made with natural fibers. Step by step, handicraft was combined with industrial design, which was so popular in the 70s. Today, the furniture company POINT is a family business in full evolution that goes through the third generation of Pons. From its facilities they are dedicated to the production of the most select upholstery, furniture assembly of the highest quality and its expedition.



And it is this manufactured rattan furniture design that makes POINT such a different and special company. Nowadays they focus on the medium-high range of the outdoor furniture sector, maintaining, modernizing and enhancing a handmade and natural product created from fiber braiding, obtaining a deserved gap in the international market.



In 2016 the renowned designer Vincent Martinez joined the team of designers of POINT, creating a whole new range of pieces woven in rope. He is specialized in home furniture and collectivities equipment. He has numerous prestigious awards in the world of design, such as Impiva, New Style and Sid, as well as several Adi Fad nominations, and you would be able to find some of his pieces in the permanent collections of some museums, such as the Staatliches Museum für Angewandte in Munich.




As Gaudí did in his day, Vicent Martínez looks for his inspiration in observing the baya weaver birds. These birds make their nests knotting and weaving fiber to fiber in a meticulous and precise way. Thus, Vicent Martínez has created the Weave collection, with unique pieces of sober, elegant and natural beauty to enjoy in the exterior of your home. This refined collection includes chairs, armchairs, lounge chairs, swings and stools in natural colors with a design based on lovely woven strings, merging with gardens and exteriors in perfect synchronized harmony.



If you want to see this beautiful collection of furniture in person, you can visit the POINT showroom at 7 Ondara Road, in Gata de Gorgos (Alicante). Consult more information on its website ( If you prefer, you can call them at +34 966 480 132 or write them an email to:


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