Feel comfortable with your breasts with the help of Royal Aesthetic Clinic

The breasts one of the most intimate parts of a woman’s body. There are of all types and shapes and all are perfect. However, sometimes people do not feel happy with their own body. Royal Aesthetic Clinic surgeons can help you get reconciled with your bust, either by breast augmentation or breast augmentation.


Every day society tells us that a good appearance is very important. However, the reasons that lead a woman to have breast surgery can be very varied, such as health reasons or to feel better about themselves. If you are thinking of undergoing a breast augmentation or reduction operation, you should contact a trusted clinic that offers its clients the most personalized and professional services. In Royal Aesthetic Clinic you will receive the best treatment respecting your privacy and your personal circumstances.


Shape your figure with breast augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation mammoplasty is one of the most widely performed cosmetic surgery interventions in the world. This operation serves both to improve the size and shape of the bust by placing breast implants. Many women decide to undergo this surgery for aesthetic reasons, although others choose this procedure for cases of lack of breast development, to balance a possible difference in size between the breasts, to correct a decrease in volume due to tissue atrophy or even to perform a breast reconstruction after mastectomy due to illness.


Mamomasplia at Royal Aesthetic Clinic


Breast augmentation implants are prostheses that are placed under the breast or in muscle. Before submitting to the operation, you have to bear in mind that these implants wear out like any other material and last for ten or twenty years, when they may have to be replaced. This procedure is performed without general anaesthesia, which considerably reduces the risks and it is not necessary to place a tube in the patients’ throat to breathe artificially. Instead, a light intravenous sedation is used that allows the patient to recover within two hours after the procedure.


Reduce your breasts to improve your health

On the other hand, breast reduction intervention serves to remove excess tissue and skin from the bust. Through this surgery the patient’s breasts are reconfigured to make them smaller and reposition the nipples. In addition, this operation can also respond to other reasons, such as balancing the size of breasts with each other, raising sagging breasts or alleviating the discomfort that comes with having large breasts. For example, many women suffer from back, neck and shoulder pain, as well as skin rashes and infections under the breasts. Therefore, normally breast reduction is not considered an aesthetic intervention, but a solution for discomfort and physical pain.


Feel confortable with your body


This procedure is usually performed in an outpatient surgery hospital and tend to lasts between two and four hours. During the operation incisions are made following the natural contour of the breast to extract excess breast tissue, fat and skin and then reposition the nipple, skin and other tissues. The surgery is completed by placing a dressing, a surgical fastener and a circumferential wrap. If you are going to undergo this treatment you have to keep in mind that during several days you may experience side effects such as pain, swelling, discoloration of the skin and temporal loss of sensitivity. After a week the patients can work without physical effort, while in three or four weeks they can live a completely normal life.


Mammoplasty in Royal Aesthetic Clinic

For greater tranquillity of the patients, the professional staff of the Royal Aesthetic Clinic is in charge of accompanying them at all times, before, during and after the surgery, answering all their doubts and needs. Furthermore, they also handle the transfer to the patients’ home and their postoperative period.


Reconcile with your body. Call the Royal Aesthetic Clinic today to make your appointment: +34 966 864 934. You can also send an email to or consult more information about the different treatments on their website ( and in their Facebook profile ( You will find the clinic in calle Joaquín Rodrigo, 5, local 3 in El Albir, in Alfaz de Pi (Alicante).


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