Elegance and French delicacies at the Oustau restaurant

Cozy, refined and intimate, the Oustau restaurant is a charming corner located in the old Mediterranean town of Altea. It is one of the most emblematic restaurants in the area, where its owners open their doors to you so you can enjoy their French-style innovative cuisine.


When you go to a restaurant you can look for a distinguished atmosphere or a more familiar place. An avant-garde food with innovative touches or a more traditional one. You can also look for a fast-food dish or a gastronomy to taste it slowly. But you always expect to find good service and delicious culinary offerings. In the Oustau restaurant they propose you a combination of all these elements without forgetting an elegant space and a cuisine of the highest quality.


Although the name of this restaurant looks like it was taken from the marvelous Pixar movie Ratatouille, it actually means “hostel” in Provencal French. And that is because Oliver Burri, his master of ceremonies, and Pascual Robles, his chef, invite you every day to enter his house to enjoy the best dishes in the area. Located in a centennial building decorated with fineness, the Oustau restaurant had served food of the most succulent and international creative French cuisine for more than 35 years. And when the weather is good, you can dine in its luxuriant garden, delicately fitted out. Among their most delicious dishes you can try their soups, and exquisite dishes with names of actors and films -my favorites are the duck foie gras Verrine «Tyrion Lannister» and the filet of salmon «The Little Mermaid»-, offering varied starters, meats, fish and homemade desserts.



If you are going hungry and want to celebrate Christmas with them, we have good news for you. For these holidays the chef has created a very special menu with the best wines and cavas in the region. They are also open on Christmas Eve, offering creative proposals such as golden glass bread with Monjacob camembert, fig jam, dried fruits and balsamic or veal sirloin with a defrosted of mustard red wine, honey, lemon verbena and wild asparagus. And for dessert, a delicious mouse of mascarpone with raspberry, pistachio and trifle Disaronno.




Has your appetite been whetted? You can find Olivier and Pascual in their restaurant Oustau in 5 carrer Mayor, in Altea (Alicante). You can make your reservation on the phone +34 965 84 20 78 from 17:00 – 00:00. If you want to check your current menu, visit their website ( Bon appetit!


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