Dress up your bedroom with Dreams & Drapes in The Bed Centre

The bedroom is often the place of the house with less decoration. We usually have a bed, a couple of bedside tables and a piece of furniture to store personal items. But have you thought about when was the last time you bought bedding or renewed those pillows? It’s time to give your bedroom a personal touch with the Dream & Drapes bedding that you can find in the fabulous British bed shop The Bed Centre.


Each day begins when the sunlight enters to our bedrooms, sneaking between the curtains to let us know that it is time to get up and enjoy a new day of life. We choose the most appropriate garments to dress and go out to fulfil our agenda, that is full of meetings and things to do. This is how our days go by, wishing many times to go home and rest peacefully in our bedroom. Why not change the decoration of your bedroom to make you feel more at ease in it? The most important thing is to start with the bed. You could dress it in spring with flowers, with light colours in summer and a pattern more sober for autumn and winter. If you do not know where to start in Spain Life Exclusive we recommend The Bed Centre, a leading company specialized in bedding and bedrooms with British style. In this store you will find beautiful collections like Dreams & Drapes, since The Bed Centre is an authorized distributor.


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Bring your room to life with Dream & Drapes bedding

We are in the spring, so why not choose bright colours and natural patterns for your bedding? Dream & Drapes presents in a collection with acid and bright colours and fabrics that play with geometric figures, natural shapes and movement. This collection has several sizes adaptable to any bedroom and the fabrics are made mainly of cotton and polyester, offering high quality bed linen. In the collection of Dreams & Drapes we can find brightly coloured bed linen with discordant points that add a stylish touch. For example, in this bedding the pink colour contrasts with the grey and some shades of green marine. The pattern shows flowers and organic shapes and has several options for pillows and cushions.


Dream & Drapes at The Bed Centre


Do you prefer something more juvenile and fresher? You can also find fun bed linens made with loud colours. Floral patterns always brighten the atmosphere. Dreams & Drapes offers you different nice models of bedding with palm leaves and flowers to decorate your room with natural, fresh style. Every detail is carefully thought out to highlight the beautiful design of this reversible bedding. Dress your bedroom to match spring.


Leaves and flowers on your bed


Do not wait any longer and go to get your favourite model! At The Bed Centre they make the purchase fast and secure. You will find the store in the shopping centre Biblos (local 8), in the urbanization Los Pinos 1K of Calpe (Alicante). Get in touch with their friendly staff by phone +34 965 836 814 or email For more information about their wonderful British Beds and linen consult their website ( and their Facebook profile ( Dreams start in bed, go for yours at The Bed Centre.


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