Discover the Costa Blanca from Heliactivo helicopters

The conquest of the sky has always been one of the challenges most pursued by the human being. We love to fly and plough through the winds as if we were birds. One of the most exciting flight experiences you can experience is travelling by helicopter. If you want the adrenaline to run through your veins, Heliactivo is the company you’re looking for.


Heliactivo is a company that is totally dedicated to helicopters. Whether for business or pleasure, this business in Benidorm offers a complete range of services of the highest quality so you can navigate the skies. Among its most requested features is filming and aerial photography, as well as transport, tourist tours and VIP flights. Celebrate that special occasion with the helicopter flight you’ve always dreamed of! In addition, Heliactivo offers a complete aeronautical advisory service, purchase and sale management, maintenance and hangars so you can store your private helicopter in their facilities.


Heliactivo offers helicopter flights


VIP travel for business or leisure

Heliactivo also has a school and its own job placement service. Their driving courses are fully customised and adapted to the availability of each student. If you have always wanted to be a pilot, Heliactivo now offers you that opportunity with its private, commercial, instrumental, instructor and transport pilot courses.


Go with the flow and travel through the skies of the Costa Blanca and other places of Spain with Heliactivo helicopters. If these words do not convince you, you may decide to take the lead when you see these stunning photos provided by Heliactivo pilots.


Fly along the Costa Blanca with Heliactivo


If you have any questions related to the helicopters or you want to hire the services of Heliactivo, contact its director, Marc Hevesi, through the telephone number +34 648 263 744 or the email The facilities of Heliactivo are located on Avenida Eduardo Zaplana, rotonda de la Tierra, no number, in Benidorm (Alicante). For more information, please visit their official website:

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