Construma helps you winterize your swimming pool

Having a private pool is a luxury. Surely during summer you take a refreshing bath every day to relax and enjoy the sun. The pleasant weather of the Costa Blanca allows its use for several months, but how can you preserve your swimming pool in winter? Follow the advice of Construma to winterize it!


Although in the Mediterranean area the temperatures are not too low during the winter, it is advisable to protect your pool to avoid its degradation that can cause atmospheric phenomena. Inclement weather as the cold front that the Valencia Community has suffered during Easter can terribly dirty your pool water, which will require a long process of maintenance and depuration with chemical products.


Use a winter cover to protect your swimming pool

The simplest solution recommended by the experts of Construma is to cover the pools with a winter cover. This prevents a large amount of dirt from falling into the pool. At the same time water is saved by the absence of evaporation and you will also save electricity, because the need for filtering is reduced. In addition, in this way the maintenance chemical products that you will have to add will be minimal, since the cover does not let in light or dirt, so no algae is generated in the water. These covers are made of polyester reinforced with PVC, cover the entire pool and are anchored to its edge.


In addition to using a winter cover, the experts of Construma advise adding certain specific chemicals for winter. Once water temperature is below 15ºC, adjust the chlorine and pH level and then follow the manufacturer’s instructions.


Take care of your pool with a Constuma winter cover


Construma is a company of reforms and construction of houses and custom pools. They have almost 20 years of experience in this sector and develop their work mainly in the Costa Blanca, both for professional and private clients. If you are going to build a pool at home, in Construma are the experts you have to call.


If you are interested in getting a winter cover for your pool or other products visit Ecopools, the Construma store. The showroom is located on avenida de la Fontana, 2, local 1, of Jávea (Alicante), in front of the Arenal beach. If you prefer, you can request more information by the phone number +34 966 461 974. In addition, you can visit the website and social networks of Construma to learn more tips to take care of your pool.



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