Build a natural and ecological swimming pool with Construma

You have to take care of the environment, and in Construma they know it very weel. This company located in Jávea is dedicated to the construction of swimming pools and other interior and exterior elements of homes, as well as other works, as rehabilitation, repair, plumbing and maintenance. One of its star services are the ecological pools, a type of pool with a filter that does not need chlorine.

The ecological pools work like a pond. Its cleaning process is based on natural vegetation, a stratified gravel area with marsh vegetation and a kaldness filter, a mechanical and biological filtration method that is based on the growth of bacteria. From Construma recommend using a certain type of plants based on their best adaptation to the environment, such as aromatic, flowers or edible. In this way, each pool adapts to the weather and sun conditions of each region.



In addition, each pool is built individually, integrating it into the terrain and space of each home, creating an environment as natural and healthy as possible. On the other hand, special materials are used, such as reinforced foil, to prevent the adhesion of algae to the bottom of the pool. With a simple robot cleaner, the water is clean, salubrious and transparent without the need for chlorine.



Do you want fish to swim in your pool? In the natural and ecological pools of Construma they can live in perfect conditions. Get a pool with crystal clear water and free of chemicals. Not only can you bath in a natural environment similar to a river, but the range of possibilities for decoration with plants is wide, beautiful and varied.



Does it sound interesting? You can visit the Construma store in 2 Fontana avenue, local 1, in Jávea. Your phone number is +34 966 461 974, and you can request a quote without commitment from their website:

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