Are you a British national and struggling with your taxes in Spain? Then we have the perfect solution for you

Many British Expats choose Spain as their habitual residence for its lifestyle, culture, gastronomy and pleasant weather. It’s a spectacular place to live. However, most of them face a big problem when they have to manage their taxes in Spain. If this is the case, then UK Tax Refund can help you. Discover this professional finance company with us.


UK Tax Refund is a company located in El Campello (Alicante) and founded in 2008. From this office, Michelle Hamilton and her team offer their excellent assistance on the Costa Blanca, the Costa Cálida and the Costa del Sol. Their services stand out for offering serious and efficient support for both Residents and Non-Residents of Spain, providing complete assistance and giving peace of mind knowing that your tax issues are in order, both in Spain and with HMRC (Her Majesty Revenue and Customs) in the United Kingdom.


In addition, this company is a registered agent with HMRC, so they work with the Spanish and British tax offices. This is a perfect combination, because it is necessary to integrate both systems to get your tax affairs in order with both countries. Thus, UK Tax Refund is in charge of managing all your tax matters with maximum efficiency, such as Non-Resident tax returns, Tax efficient Wills, Spanish Annual income tax returns (Renta), World Wide Asset Declaration (Modelo 720), conveyancing when buying or selling a property, as well as CFR (Certificate of Fiscal Residence) and capital gains tax.


What does a British national have to do to once they have established their habitual residence in Spain?

Before establishing habitual residence in Spain, a British national must perform a series of legal and administrative procedures to acquire Spanish Resident status. To fulfil the obligations derived from their new residence status, among other things, a British national must declare their annual income and pay the relevant tax in Spain.


Tax management of British residents and non-residents


UK Tax Refund specialises in dealing with the Tax Exemption in the UK and the introduction into the Spanish tax system. The key is not only registering for taxes in Spain, but that it is handled in the right way to avoid penalties and fines. It is essential to complete the tax exemption process for pensions in the UK, which may result in the refund of overpaid tax during the last four years in the UK.


Stay tuned for our next series of articles on all tax matters from Michelle Hamilton. Understanding taxes is now available to everyone thanks to the efficient services of UK Tax Refund. Pop in or contact their office to find out more about the tax obligations that British Expats have in Spain, they will assess and advise according to each individual’s circumstances and requirements. For more information, please visit their website.


UK Tax Refund

Calle Gabriel Miró, 1, El Campello – 03560 (Alicante)

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