Actors, films and a superb dinner at the French restaurant Oustau

When we enter a French restaurant we could feel like we are inside an artwork painted Moliere by André Derrain, warm and colourful, or inside a Georges de la Tour painting, mysterious and baroque. There are other occasions where we feel like we were into a Molière play, fun and intriguing. When you cross the doors of the Oustau restaurant you will feel as if the curtain were raised and you were the protagonist of an extraordinary evening.


French gastronomy is one of the most refined in the world. It is characterised by its enormous variety of dishes and the diversity of flavours thanks to its natural geography from where most of the raw material comes from. We also know it for its delicacy and its unparalleled staging. You will find all this and much more in an elegant and quiet restaurant in Altea. Pascual Robles, the skilled chef of the Oustau restaurant, specialises in the best French international creative cuisine of Altea and even the Costa Blanca. The master of ceremonies of this place, Olivier Burri, will welcome you with open arms so that you can enjoy this incredible experience in a centennial building worthy of the artworks of the French artists. Its menu focuses on meats with homemade sauces, appetisers, octopus, professional cocktails and exquisite desserts made with a lot of love for cooking, but it offers you many more succulent surprises.


Elegance and refinement in the Oustau restaurant


In addition, this place is characterised by an intrinsic originality that is evident in all aspects. The dishes in Oustau have names of recognized artists and emblematic movies. For example, you can order the starter tuna tartar Scarlett Johansson with avocado, mango, and coconut milk, or Tuna Tartar, or a Sofia Loren salad with tomatoes and bufala mozzarella. If you want a good portion of juicy meat we recommend ordering a lamb shank Di Caprio, an exquisite family recipe, or a filet of beef Love Story with strawberry sauce or a duck filet Chris Evans’ way. If you prefer fish, sure you’re seduced by the grilled filet of salmon The Little Mermaid with exquisite tartar sauce or the cod fish filets Blade Runner with Manchego cheese. And to finish this masterpiece you need to order one of their desserts specially created so that whatever your story may be you have a happy ending.


French gastronomy at the Oustau restaurant


Book your table now and live the experience! The extraordinary Oustau restaurant is on calle Mayor, 5, in Altea (Alicante). You can call to make your reservation from 17:00 to the telephone number +34 965 842 078. For more information visit their website ( and their social networks.




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