The Ábaco hotel expands its magnificent spaces

The Ábaco hotel is one of those places with a fixed clientele thanks to its personalized and detailed services. Its owners throw themselves into a careful attention for each one of their guests, using up passion to satisfy people by providing them with a lovely and pleasant environment. After many years of effort and dedication of its team, last April began the expansion works of this hotel. Get ready to get to know the new Ábaco hotel!


If you are looking for accommodation in Altea you will find several places to stay, but it is difficult to find a hotel as cosy, beautiful and magical as the Ábaco. There you can stay in one of its ten exquisite themed rooms and enjoy an extraordinary experience thanks to the detailed attention of Adelina and Thomas, its owners. In addition, you can relax on its extraordinary rooftop overlooking the city of Altea and the mountains.


Where to sleep in Altea, Abaco hotel


A new Ábaco hotel

Now the Ábaco hotel has embarked on a new adventure, as last month it has begun its expansion. This accommodation is in a wonderful location in the beautiful neighbourhood of Bellaguarda. This situation in the old town of Altea has complicated this dream project because of the laws of protection of heritage, but finally the efforts and dedication of Adelina and Thomas have paid off. Now the Ábaco hotel grows with eight new rooms, a new larger cafeteria, outdoor areas and a wellness space. The traditional Ábaco hotel will remain intact, offering its ten extraordinary themed rooms and its wonderful rooftop, but the breakfast area will be moved to the new space to provide a more spacious and comfortable space. And that’s just one of many surprises that await you at the new Ábaco hotel!


Ábaco is the result of the effort and dedication of a family that has imprinted its soul and its heart in this hotel. If you want to live an unforgettable experience when traveling, without a doubt the Ábaco hotel is your home.


The Abaco hotel is the best hotel in Altea


We cannot wait to see the new Ábaco hotel! Meanwhile you can enjoy an extraordinary stay at the traditional Ábaco hotel. Remember that if you want to request a special treat or amenities you will have to book them at least 24 hours in advance. This fantastic accommodation is located at Calle Salva, 13, in Altea (Alicante). Book your room today, the high season has begun and the sites are limited! Contact Adelina and Thomas by calling the telephone number +34 966 882 500 or sending an email to For more information and promotions, please visit their website and their social networks.


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