5 ideas to decorate your home with style

Day by day we accumulate things at home. We usually don’t find the appropriate place for them due to lack of time. We continue to live our lives with their classic frenetic pace until it’s time to order. But do you know how to place the elements of your house with style and proper design? In Spain Life Exclusive we give you some ideas with furniture and accessories for interior design that you can find in the Maranda store.


1. An elegant table

Every refined room has to have an imposing table that is useful, but also decorative. This noble table made of white stone and metal supports will fascinate all your guests and at the same time it will be a useful complement.


Ingenious proposals to help you decorate the interior of your house


2. A comfortable and beautiful sofa

A living room needs to be crowned by a sofa that is wonderfully comfortable without losing a bit of style. From Maranda they propose us this combination of sofas with matching pattern. Look at the wonderful effect that is achieved with its matching colours! Its fabric is extraordinarily soft and the largest sofa has wheels for easy mobility.


How can I decorate the interior of my house?


3. A space for your books

We all have books at home. Books make us dream and travel to other worlds, and that is why they need a space of honour in your house. This wonderful bookshelf comes presented with different capacity departments and an exquisite design that plays with the colour of wood and off-white. In addition, in its upper area you can place a decorative plant, a beautiful photograph or a porcelain figure. Or even more books!


Ingenious proposals to help you decorate the interior of your house


4. A canvas with personality

The walls of your home would be naked without canvas, photographs or mirrors that decorate them. In the wide selection that Maranda offers you will find modern paintings, vintage photographs and exclusive canvas. In this fantastic canvas of lilies the artist has managed to capture the fragility, strength and beauty of this flowers.


How can I decorate the interior of my house?


5. A lamp with wrought iron sconces

A house would not be the same without its lamps. If you want to add a touch of distinction to your spaces, a great option is wall lamps with wrought iron sconces. You can find them with original shapes of various types, such as sinuous and suggestive curves, the branches of a tree or a curious and happy cat.


How can I decorate the interior of my house?


Did you like these furniture and accessories? You can find all these and many more, such as lovely work desks, in the extraordinary Maranda furniture store. You can contact their friendly staff by the phone number +34 965 796 035 or the email You will find its splendid showroom at Calle Nápoles, 11, in Jávea (Alicante). For more information, please visit their website.

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