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Following what has been a very difficult year for everyone there has seen a huge amount of weddings suspended-canceled and overall put off until it can all go ahead again this year and a wedding can feel pretty overwhelming at times anyway. Therefore whether you have had two years or three months to plan it this can be very stressful. You make endless lists in your head (or on a scrap of paper) collecting information about where to hold the wedding what is needed and so many things to plan and if this is you or someone you know then we here at Spain life exclusive can now help you as we have collected a section of excellent companies who can provide just what you need.


It is always best to remember to keep one very important thing in mind that this is your special day so you need to enjoy the planning as well as the day, this is your wedding after all. There is always the temptation to get too hung up on the tiny details and let yourself get advised too much sometimes by others so we want to assist you to focus on what’s truly important: celebrating the love the two of you share and getting married whilst at the same time surrounded by your friends and family.


So, where can we begin, well over the next coming weeks we will be showing you not only the top venues to celebrate Your Day but also the companies from where to get everything you need.



Your dream wedding abroad

If you are dreaming of your perfect wedding in Spain then we have a superb wedding planning company we recommend who can help you every step of the way and they are called The Wedery. They are based in Elche and are experts at organizing weddings for more than a decade. Therefore, we are sure that since you decided to get married in Spain you have been fantasizing about a Mediterranean style wedding, with the possibility of getting married facing the sea or among beautiful mountains with the rustic and bohemian feel of the Spanish countryside.

Well, The Wedery call themselves “the Mediterranean Wedding makers” so they certainly know what is on your mind and what is best for your dream wedding and they have the means to make it happen.




































The perfect venue


If all that we have mentioned above is for you then to discover one of the most enchanting venues where this all can happen is of course the main goal and we have found the perfect venue for your Mediterranean wedding.

Located in the heart of the Marina Alta region, Casa Benigalip is so much more than just a venue it is truly a unique experience with a designer boutique house, stunning gardens, and infinite spaces to lose oneself in.


It is a dream come true for those who are looking for a unique environment with a lot of charm that oozes elegance, luxury and tradition through and through.  Seven different spaces have been created to turn it all into a fabulous setting with both the indoors and outdoors areas being truly spectacular and you have all the options at Casa Benigalip that are designed to make your day a success.






Be the best-looking man you can be by dressing Alexander Hofmann


She has just said yes to the magical proposal and you are looking forward to a memorable wedding. The time has come to look for the attributes that are going to make this a dream wedding.


As the bride is usually in charge of dealing with the wedding planner, you have the great opportunity to have all the time to yourself and focus on your presence at the wedding. The most important decision for the groom is to choose the groom’s suit along with the accessories.



Surely your style and your personal taste are very important when it comes to buying a suit, but to choose the right suit for your wedding you need to consider some factors such as season, time and place of the ceremony. Well, at Spain Life we recommend Alexander Hoffman of Alicante where not only will they take all the required factors into account but you can also be sure that they will provide you with the suit you have always wanted.






















They have over 30 years of experience dressing grooms so they know on your wedding day, it is crucial that you look and feel at your absolute best. When you choose a bespoke wedding suit from Alexander Hoffman, you are choosing quality, you are choosing unparalleled service and, ultimately, you are choosing a suit that will make you feel extraordinary.


They are 100% sure that you will go home happy with your suit because of their attention to detail, they really listen to what the groom wants and thanks to their personalization service, the groom will be able to choose every element of the design from the cloth and the lining to the style and the cut.


When you visit Alexander Hoffman they provide you with a comfortable environment to discuss your suit. Their staff will guide you through every part of the bespoke tailoring process from the initial measurements to the final fitting.


As the groom, you should be aware that at the wedding all eyes will be on you and your loved one, this is why you need to be looking at your best. That’s why we highly recommend Alexander Hoffman, they are professionals and their service extends to the fact they will come and visit you in your home and measure and plan all that you need and also your best man or others who also are part of your special day. The groom’s suit is an essential part of the wedding and the groomsmen should naturally be wearing similar outfits so they will take care of everything for your wedding day by coming to see you anywhere in the Costa Blanca area from Alicante to Valencia where the experienced expert Jose Navarro Sanchez will take care of you personally.


This is a special day for all the grooms and Alexander Hoffman make sure on every occasion that you feel and look 100% perfect for that celebration so call them today and speak to Jose he will immediately be able to show you a large array of fabrics- styles and shirts and shoes as well to cater for all that you need.



Just engaged and ready to say “yes” to your perfect wedding dress?

Let’s make it clear, the bride’s dress is the most important element of a wedding. It is where all eyes will be on her. We know finding your dream gown can be stressful. After all, you’ve likely never tried one on before, and it’s the most expensive garment many women will ever own, so it can feel like the pressure is definitely on while wedding dress shopping.


It may also feel like there’s a whole new language to decode—tulle, A-line, fit-and-flare, organza, sheath, etc. Not to mention, more brides are doing multiple dresses—a more formal one for the ceremony and a party-centric one for the reception—which can make shopping even more stressful.


Well, whether you’ve been dreaming of your wedding dress since you were five and know the exact specifications you want for it down to the last sequin, or you’ve never thought about it, we’ve got you covered on where to find your perfect dress.


The two companies we recommend are Rosa Clará and Manu García and here’s why.


Rosa Clará


Aware of just how important it is for every bride to look truly unique on her wedding day, at Rosa Clará, they offer a wide variety of wedding dresses in a range of styles that we’re sure will include one that will suit you perfectly.


Sophistication, classic styling, elegance, and quality — the traits that make up the Rosa Clará wedding dress collection have epitomized the brand’s intrinsic style ever since it made its first dress. Rosa Clará strikes a perfect balance between bridal tradition and contemporary design in all her wedding dress lines.










































Manu García


Whatever dress you choose, your soul mate will think you’re the most beautiful woman on earth. The Manu García collection is full of designs that will make you feel that way, with an air of Haute Couture. Wedding dresses with both classic and modern lines but always with an elegant, sophisticated, and above all, very romantic touch.


Manu García bridal gowns are inspired by the femininity of women that will make every bride feel unique.








































Both firms have dresses that emphasize your curves and sensuality, creating a high-impact effect that will leave him speechless. With so many wedding gown styles to choose from, we are sure you will find your dream wedding dress.


To book an appointment in one of their stores in Valencia, just fill in one of these forms and they will contact you to schedule one of the days you will be most looking forward to in your life.


Rosa Clará appointment

Manu García appointment




Capturing love stories


Now that the date is fixed,  you’ve found the man of your dreams, and we have given you our recommendations in terms of place, wedding stores, as well as wedding planner, it’s time you find someone who captures the most memorable day of your life in its truest essence; a great wedding photographer!


The trickiest part is how do you decide who is the perfect one for you? Well, that’s what we’re here for! To help you hire the best wedding photographer for yourself. At Spain Life, we want to tell you we have had the pleasure to meet McClure Photography, one of the best photography businesses for weddings and if you are interested, read on, we are going to show you what’s the reason to be considered it like this.





Alex McClure and his wife Olivia form a fantastic and professional team, where Alex puts all his experience and passion for photography into practice and his wife, a graphic designer, and photographer as well by profession, helps in the creative part, in addition to providing all her experience in video editing.


There are many terms used to describe his style, but the best that suits it is “natural wedding photography”. In essence, his discreet approach to a more authentic and honest style as a wedding photographer is one that doesn’t dictate or direct but simply observes and discreetly captures genuine, un-staged and spontaneous moments as they unfold, naturally.




One of his objectives is always to get to know the protagonists a little better, either through the pre-wedding session or simply by having a chat with them. McClure personalizes each job until he finds the essence of each couple, always making them feel comfortable, uninhibited… for this, he has a special talent by always making couples relax, have fun and importantly enjoy the day with no worries.


Actually, other than the odd, pre-planned traditional family group photo, McClure typically spends most of the wedding day photographing real and meaningful moments between family and friends, so that you won’t miss any important detail.




A skilled natural-style wedding photographer is one that you shouldn’t notice too much and yet has the competence to spend the entire day in the thick of the action photographing uninhibited interactions between family and friends.


Well, that’s McClure, his work won’t have an impact on the atmosphere or flow of the day itself, but instead will capture magical moments that you will always have to make you remember one of the best days in your life because yes weddings are full of these beautiful and often fleeting moments, elements that represent the true essence of a wedding day.







Contact Details:





C/ Poeta Miguel Hernández, 67 Entlo.
03201 Elche

Telephone: 677 46 47 74





+34 696 44 69 40

Partida Beniganim, 4, 03780, Alicante




Address: Calle Bazan, 12


Tel: 610456173



Address: C/Magallanes 4, Denia

Tel: 630 704 187





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