You Can Now Go Glamping in the Tree Tops of Adamuz, Andalucia 

La Dehesa Experience has just opened its doors in Adamuz, an accommodation of six cabins with a private pool with bird’s eye views of La Dehesa and all the comforts of a five-star hotel.

Picture a luxury safari but in the Andalusian countryside. That’s the feeling that La Dehesa Experiences wish to envoke, with the most lavish glamping with elevated cabins and private pools. 

Close your eyes and imagine waking up at dawn immersed in absolute calm, breathing the scent of pasture, and with panoramic views of a sea of olive trees? This is the vision that La Dehesa Experience presents, a set of ‘glamping’ accommodations that opened its doors in early May of 2021 in Adamuz, Cordoba, offering visitors the best services of a luxury boutique hotel in the middle of nature.

The promoters of this innovative project are Jorge Sanchez and brothers Rafael and Andres Ceballos, who decided to launch this initiative after learning about the ‘glamping’ movement They realized that in Spain, many hadn’t yet grasped this concept of merging glamour with camping, and saw the niche opportunity.  

So they got down to work and, although they had their doubts about the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, they decided to go ahead. The result? They’ve been met with raving reviews and have had a fabulous reception from the public. 

Elevated five meters high, on platforms from which to look out over the heart of the Cordovan pasture in the middle of Sierra Morena, life is seen differently. The sound of cell phones is replaced by the sound of dozens of birds and the aromas of the countryside, which ascend to our cabin, where you can indulge in a Thai massage, or sipping on cava on the deck. 

Its six cosy cabins with private pools rise five meters above a 27-hectare meadow in the Sierra Morena in Cordoba, in a holm oak forest located in an area of special environmental protection and declared a UNESCO Starlight reserve. This qualification promotes destinations with gloriously clear nights.

They offer complete room service with a menu of hot dishes, a selection of gourmet products and a wine and liquor list. As the team is ecologically conscious, the majority of products are “zero kilometre”, chosen from the best local producers. By taking advantage of the most seasonal products, La Dehesaehsa provides the tastiest meats from the area and typical Cordovan dishes. 

The supplies have also been designed for total integration into the environment and maximum respect for the farm. Subway pipes, natural water extracted from a well or the installation of solar panels that supply more than 70% of the farm’s electricity needs. 

In addition, according to Sanchez, even the construction materials are natural, mainly chestnut and pine wood, He says “we haven’t cut down a single tree, nor have we used any cement or concrete”. In addition, there are chargers and electric vehicles for mobility within the complex, since conventional vehicles cannot enter the site.


A Unique, Private Experience in the Andalusian Countryside 

At La Dehesa Experiences, guests can relax and take a dip in their private pool, take a stroll through the meadow, and immerse themselves in adventure, wellness, gastronomic or cultural activities. 

These activities vary over time and are carried out both within the estate itself, such as culinary tastings, for which the accommodation even has a sommelier (a wine specialist) 

Within the breathtaking surroundings, guests can take part in kayaking, caving, and even photography excursions. 

The location is about half an hour’s drive from the city of Córdoba, which is a very attractive option for tourists looking to spend a day out outside the city. Plus, the site is dog-friendly, ideal for both couples and families with children. 


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