Yohanne Pezham Goergens of Next Altea says: ‘I don’t just sell houses; I help people make homes!’

Yohanne Pezham Goergens of real estate agency Next Altea considers herself to be unique with the service she provides, and after spending a pleasant afternoon talking to her, we at Spain Life Exclusive are inclined to agree! For a start, Yohanne doesn’t think of herself as an estate agent. She says:


I am a consultant, and I guide people through every step of purchasing a home in Spain, whether they want to live here, or buy a holidayhome. I like to get every detail right for them. I don’t just sell houses, I help people to make a new home and a new life!


Next Altea
Yohanne, meditating and connecting with Nature


Yohanne is certainly well equipped to do so. Of German and Persian descent, she has also lived in Denmark, Belgium and Germany, before coming to Spain in 2016. She’s also travelled extensively, and loves to absorb aspects of different cultures, making her the ideal person to deal with European clients. Yohanne met the Russian owner of Next when she was looking for a rental property to live in, and eventually began to work with the owner, Yulia.


Next Altea
Located in Villa Gadea, Altea, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment has stunning views. €340,000.


She’s a very spiritual person, who is a qualified Ayurveda therapist, yoga teacher and meditation guide, so she knows that there is a lot more to finding the right home for you than completing on a property within your budget, in your preferred location. Yohanne says:


Your home doesn’t just have to look good – it needs to feel good, if you are to be happy in it. In my life, I have worked with children and animals, as well as helping those buying property in Spain to get all the paperwork right for their new life, and offering translation services. You have to be comfortable with every aspect of life in a culture which is new to you, and this is what I can do that the average real estate agent can’t do.


With six languages at her disposal – Farsi, German, English, Spanish, Dutch and Flemish, as well as some Arabic and Danish – Yohanne can communicate well in your preferred language, while working closely with the Spanish authorities to ensure the purchase of your dream home doesn’t keep you awake at night! She’s also worked closely with Ara & Asociados, so she can help with NIE, Residencia, and anything else you need to do before you can collect the keys for your new home.


Next Altea
6-bedroom, 4-bathroom modern villa located in Altea la Vella. Southern facing, with a sea view. €860,000.


She can even help with choosing schools for your children, as she has built up a network of trusted experts to augment her own considerable skills. A large part of making a house into a home is to combine aspects of different cultures – where you come from, and where you will be living – while taking advantage of the natural assets around you such as good light, inspiring views, peaceful surroundings and local landscapes. The aim is to fuse all these elements to create a space where you can be happy, and realise your own potential, as well as the potential of your property.


To help achieve this, Yohanne works exclusively with talented Russian architect and interior designer  Anna Kulik, whom she chose because of her unique approach. She says:


Next Altea
Talented designer Anna Kulik


Like me, Anna sees houses as having souls, not just being something made from cold bricks and other materials. Her designs and renovations take into account the culture and wishes of the clients who will bring the house to life, as well as the property’s natural assets.


Yohanne is clearly passionate about what she does, and she is only happy when her clients are happy, and living the life they want in the home of their dreams. Why not contact Next Altea and allow Yohanne and the team to sell you a house, and then help you make it into a home? She’s waiting for your call!


Contact details:


Next Altea



Conde de Altea 66

03590, Altea

Telephone: 965 081 931


Yohanne Pezham Goergens:


Telephone: 665 296 000


Instagram (Anna Kulik):

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