Winter weather for this week in Spain

We are in winter and it is normal for it to be cold. This year 2019 has started with low temperatures typical of the month of January. After a weekend featuring the snow and the precipitations that are so needed, now the winds come. This week there will be a cold environment due to the masses of air from north to northwest, which will blow with intensity and will be appreciated more in the east of the Iberian Peninsula by Thursday.


All this implies that humidity will rise especially in mountainous areas, which will increase the levels of water resources in Spain. It is possible that with the rains of the beginning of the week lower the levels of snow, especially in the north. However, there are good news for ski resorts, since we are in an ideal time of the year to enjoy snow sports. In addition, the maritime situation will be complicated in the Cantabrian Sea and in certain areas of the Mediterranean.



Although there will be no hard frosts, the wind chill will be quite cold. Initially, the cold winds will give us a truce during Friday and Saturday to return later with renewed strength. The unstable climate has come to stay, and there is still more than two months of winter. Take out your fattest jerseys from the closet and your warmest scarves: winter is here.


From now on we will be publishing news about the weather in Spain. Stay up to date with the latest weather news in Spain Life Exclusive.


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