Why Choose RicciBeach: a Pioneer in Italian Furniture Design

Get everything you need to deck out your terrace this summer with RicciBeach’s vibrant and built to last range of outdoor chairs, sunbeds, parasols, and more. 

If there is one type of decoration that puts the house in summer mode in an effective and elegant way, it is the Mediterranean one. With marine touches and an essential touch of blue, this style always looks outward, even if the sea is far away.

Raised in Turin interior design, Simona Ricci begins to collaborate on the “reconstruction” of the beaches of the Caribbean islands after the hurricane Irma, and with the same enthusiasm she proposes herself in Senegal where the economy is rising fast, but Spain is the place where it is based, dividing between Marbella, Barcelona and the Balearics.

RicciBeach has created a partnership with two leading Italian companies in the sector: La Smeca for sunbeds, tables and chairs, and Magnani for umbrellas and annexes.


Why Choose RicciBeach? 

All of its pieces are 100% made in Italy. Nothing is manufactured abroad so that means nothing is made from cheap plastic. The products are powder coated with an electrostatic system instead of spray, so the sun umbrella fabrics are resistant and protect from UV rays, resistant to mould and salt. 

The slats are made with iron wire, which is galvanized steel so if they bend, they return into position. The umbrellas have a stronghold against the wind and have even been tested in harsh Caribbean winds. The sunbeds have greater stability than conventional ones, which are guaranteed from 5 to 10 years depending on the geographical area. 

They can be folded and take up 1/3 of the space of conventional beds because the anodized aluminium frame can be painted in the colour you prefer or with a wood effect, having a much lower weight than real wood in addition to a longer duration), because in case of rain, even that of the desert, nothing happens, with a jet of water it cleans quickly. The cost turns out to be well worth the investment over time.

For example, the BIG Lettino sunbed (pictured below) comes with a sunshade and has 3 adjustable positions. It’s over 10 cm wide and over 20 cm long in comparison to the standard sunbed. The sunshade protects your face from UV sun rays while you can still work on tanning your body. It’s also ideal for those of you who want to be able to read comfortably without the sun getting in your eyes. 

You can choose the colour frame according to your preference: 


Smeca chairs and sunbeds are ideal for all kinds of indoor or outdoor use and are perfect for beaches, swimming pools, spas and gardens. The anodizing process protects the aluminium from rust, making them particularly resistant to the elements, and guarantees the long life of the product, due to the high resistance to atmospheric agents.


In addition to the very wide range of colours and fabrics, there are also accessories that make your style unique with details such as the headrest available incorporated in the shape of a crescent or removable in a square shape.


Its stable resistance of the umbrella proposed by RicciBeach compared to the usual ones is the “hat” which guarantees greater resistance in the event of sudden wind and prevents it from escaping from the sand and falling on adjacent people. It is available in various diameters to guarantee the shadow of two or more adults.

Among the various options that can be given with the umbrellas (place marker, ashtray, bottle holder) certainly the most useful and elegant is the multipurpose storage, which is a space to store the phone, magazines, sun creams or even the wallet ( with safety lock).


Premium-Quality Sunchairs 

in addition to the anodized aluminium sun loungers, there are also the “director” chairs that are available with square or round armrests) with which you can play with a wide range of colours and are even able to be customised. 

The tables can be painted with the same colours for the beds. 
















Also featuring an anodized aluminium frame, the deck chair comes in 3 adjustable positions and has a hand protector spacer available with or without armrests. This solution is more comfortable for people who love the convenience of sunbathing or reading without necessarily lying down. 


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