When you meet with… Toledo!


Do you believe that a place can become a real person even for one night? Do you think it can be capable to not only make you love it but to actually love you back the same? Are you sure that a love story needs necessarily two real persons? Do not be sure of anything until you meet with TOLEDO!

First sight

From the first moments you reach the city you feel something different in your heart. You don’t know exactly what it is…You think maybe it’s because you just saw the breathtaking city gate Puerta de Bisagra Nueva. The big stone gate in front of the cute park makes you feel that something magical is going to happen here. Therefore you cannot wait to leave your car and run deep into the heart of this mystery.

Walk a lot…It’s the best choice



You therefore leave your car in the parking spot outside of the city and you start to walk the hill to the town. At this moment, you have already felt that it’s much more than a place and you want to know all the small details about it. Therefore, you decide not to take the escalator that is situated near the balcony next to the El Greco building and to walk every inch of the place.

El Greco museum


                                                           Museo del Greco


In your path, you will find El Greco museum which you have to visit. The museum has a lot of original paintings of the painter, especially of the latest period. Also, recreates the atmosphere of his original house. With a lot of El Greco’s daily items of this period, don’t be surprised if you think you can hear him approach from the door or walking in the garden. The myth says that the museum started because they had believed that this was his original house. However, some years later were found new insights that showed it wasn’t his home. In reality, his home was across the street. Nevertheless, you will find it so enjoyable and you will not want to finish the tour.


                                                                 El entierro del Conde Orgaz

Puertas…as time machines


                                                    Puerta de Bisagra


But it’s time to leave and you want to go to the town. It’s quite a distance but you don’t seem to care. You are trying to find the smallest and cutest path to walk. At this point, Toledo starts to behave like a classy host that it actually. He opens his home and he is leaving all of his secrets and stories at your disposal. The Puerta del Sol, Puerta de Bisagra Antiqua and Puerta Bab Al-Mardum will function as a time machine and transform you into a knight or a lady.

Feel like a knight or a lady




For making you feel like this Toledo will tell you the stories of the war and will show you the metals and the scarves that “he” gained. Of course, for this to happen you must visit Alcázar Fortress. This fortress used as a Roman palace in the 3rd century and it was restored under Charles I and his son Philip II of Spain in the 1540s. Now includes Castilla-La Mancha Regional Library (Biblioteca Autonómica) and the Museum of the Army (Museo del Ejército). In the museum of the Army, you will feel like a knight or maybe just like a common …general. Also, here you can find interesting historical information and exhibits of the Spanish Civil War, Spanish resistance to Napoleon’s attacks and many more.

Zocodover Plaza…Nerve centre


                                                            Plaza Zocodover. De Lourdes Cardenal – Trabajo propio, CC BY-SA 3.0,                                                                              curid=6426932


Next, you should visit la plaza de Zocodover. This was the nerve centre of the city during most of its history, acting as its main square. Here horses, donkeys, foals, mares, mules and other beasts were sold when the city of Toledo was Spanish-Muslim city. Now you can enjoy a nice coffee or a fast meal in one of the many little places that are available.

Shoot photos


                                                                                                   Arco de la sangre


And please don’t forget to take a photo under Arco de la Sangre which is next to the square. Moreover, if you walk a little bit further, Toledo will introduce you to one of the most famous writers of all ages. Don’t hesitate to shoot one of your nicest pics as Cervantes is telling you the details of his next big novel.

The religious site


                                                    Iglesia de San Román


Now after Toledo introduces you to his friends it’s time to show you his sensitive, religious site. He will sit next to you and say a prayer in one of the amazing churches, cathedrals, synagogues.

When the night falls



Suddenly, you see your watch and if you did everything right it’s getting darker. When the night falls everything is more beautiful…with Toledo. You will enjoy walking in the lovely, small, traditional paths again…and again even if you do not want to originally because it is very easy to be confused one or two times as in the dark all the paths are very similar to one another but that is their charm.

Toledo’s seduction


Finally you have found the best place to sit and rest. The cutest bar with a small garden. You will sit down under one of the warm lamps and you can look out far and wide. You will appreciate the panoramic view of the river and the bridges and you will find yourself seduced. Minute by minute you will be more drunk by the view, the sounds, the air of Toledo.


                                                     Puente de Alcantará


And after you realize you cannot resist “him”, “he” will take you to the Alcantara Bridge. There you can see the river hugging the strong rocks of the fortress, the landscape stealing your breath and you become one with it. There is that moment that Toledo embraces you and you know that whatever happens in the future…this night will be always in your mind.


Definitely True love


                                                     Puente de San Martín


Finally, the next morning you realize what was the feeling you couldn’t explain when you first saw Toledo. It wasn’t the impressive sights, the combination of 3 cultures (jews, muslims and Christians) it has, neither the breathtaking landscape…It was that you saw deep in “his” eyes and you saw love…true love!!


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