What to Keep in Mind When Searching for Your Luxury Home in Marbella with Ames Arquitectos

The real estate market changes daily. You could find the perfect home today, and it may no longer be available tomorrow. That’s why you need to call architects Ames Arquitectos to craft your Marbella dream home. 

Villa Laranja by Ames Arquitectos


What do buyers of luxury homes in Marbella look for when looking to buy a property? The higher the investment to be made, the higher the demands of the buyers. The reason is simple: When a client is going to spend 500,000 euros on a luxury property in Marbella, they demand that the property in question meets at least 80% of the requested requirements.

If you want to find the right property, it’s worth considering building your own after acquiring the land or dealing with a real estate company that is selling such a development, we recommend Ames Arquitectos to support you. 

Buyers of luxury homes are aware that, without professional help, they will not be able to find a home that meets 80% of the requirements demanded. The investment to be made is large enough to run the risk of making a mistake.

But what are these requirements and what do buyers of luxury homes in Marbella look for? This is the question that AMES Arquitectos will put to rest. 

Nova Hill


Who Are Ames Arquitectos? 

Based in Marbella, Ames Arquitecto is committed to the quality of each and every project, generating confidence in its clients throughout the entire development and construction process.

The company is made up of a multidisciplinary team of architects, technical architects, interior designers, landscape architects and biologists, which leads us to successfully address each of their designs. 

Highly specialised in building projects, landscaping and interior design, Ames Arquitectos believes that each client is unique, and so each blueprint must be carefully adapted to them.

When you are interested in buying a property in Malaga or on the Costa del Sol, it’s very important to find a real estate company that you feel comfortable with to help you in your property search. Ames Arquitectos prides itself on being that go-to company. 

Based in Puerto Banus, Marbella, AMES Arquitectos is an architectural studio founded by Antonio Morillo and Esther Sánchez. Their excellent customer service and in-depth knowledge of the local market provides you with the best property search and buying experience on the Costa del Sol. 

Villa Laranja


Prior to your arrival, they’ll conduct a pre-screening search for properties that match your requirements and desires. This gives you a better understanding of what type of properties are available on the Costa del Sol market today. However, if you wish to build your own home, our architects will get involved in the search to make sure we find a suitable plot to build your dream.

Since its foundation, the design team has approached every project with sheer dedication, making sure to work closely with their clients in order to make their vision a reality. The team of professional architects combine their skills, lengthy knowledge and years of experience to deliver exactly what the client has specified. 

Focusing primarily on modern house projects, Ames Arquitectos consists of a small and humble team of 17 architects whose main aim is to strike the ideal balance between design and functionality. 


Casa Cedros


Aspects to Keep in Mind When Envisioning Your Luxury Home

If you are in that constant search to find a suitable place to start a project or building, Marbella is the right place. Nowadays, buying a house in Marbella is one of the best investments you should have in mind, as Marbella is positioned as one of the real estate markets with more possibilities due to the traffic of tourists and important personalities residing in the city. 

It’ll take spending just one day in Marbella to discover that it breathes an atmosphere of celebrities, nature and unparalleled elegance. Much of Marbella’s success lies in its spectacular climate, gastronomy, exclusive stores, unparalleled Mediterranean landscapes and culture. 

To find an ideal property in Marbella it is advisable to rely on a company dedicated to property development in Marbella, such as Ames Arquitectos, as there are hundreds of opportunities and the Marbella real estate market changes rapidly.

The company has professionals with years of experience in the exclusive Marbella real estate sector, so finding your dream home will be a breeze. 


What Are Your Plans for this House?

One of the first questions you should ask yourself has to do with the use you are going to give to the house, or rather, with the objective that you have raised at the time of buying it. You can buy it to make it your first home and be there for many years (and maybe a lifetime), or you can buy it thinking of a future short-term sale to make a profit. Depending on what your objective is, there are aspects to value that can change a lot, such as the size, the location or the state in which it is located.


Privacy Matters

Usually, when it comes to buying a luxury home there is something that is usually of great concern to those interested, and that is none other than privacy. For this reason, the location of the house must be taken into account, deciding whether you prefer to live in a private community or in a property located far away from other houses.


Location is Key

As you will see if you start looking for luxury homes, something that largely determines the price to pay is the location of the house, which is just what we were talking about in the previous point. 

There are neighbourhoods or urbanizations that are considered a luxury and raise the price considerably, while there are other less exclusive areas that are integrated with other neighbourhoods of the city and that are located at an intermediate point, something that is obviously noticeable in the sale price. Therefore, the location must be highly valued because it has a great influence on the amount to be paid.

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Address: C/ Los Gladiolos nº3 

29660 Marbella, Málaga.

Phone: 951 576 511


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