What is implantology and dental implants?

Our smile is our best cover letter. Taking care of our dental health is important for aesthetic reasons but, obviously, it is also essential for our general health. However, in many cases it is necessary to use implants that replace missing teeth. Dr. Ballester tells us what this process consists of.


There are many reasons why we can lose a tooth. If this is your case, implantology and dental implants may be the solution for you. The dental implant is a biocompatible titanium screw made with a special treatment that guarantees complete integration with the bone. They are high precision parts designed to withstand great forces, like those in our mouth.


Dental implants consist of screw, abutment and crown. In addition, they are manufactured so that all the pieces fit perfectly, so that there is no slack between them. That is why Dr. Ballester strongly recommends working with implants and pieces of recognised quality.


What types of dental implants exist?

There are several types of implants, depending on their material, anti-rotational mechanism and design. As for the material, there are titanium implants with a smooth surface or with a rough surface, depending on the type of treatment they have received. On the other hand, as for their anti-rotational mechanism, there are implants of internal or external hexagon. Dr. Ballester recommends the combination of the internal hexagon and the cone, since this technique offers friction blocking capability. These prostheses are more stable and have more aesthetic possibilities.


Implantology and dental implants in Denia


Finally, there are self-tapping and non-self-tapping implant designs. The self-tapping designs are easier to place and more stable, and also considerably reduces the possibility of overheating the bone during surgery, so these are the most used models.


What prostheses can we put in our dental implant?

The dental implant prosthesis plays a fundamental role at aesthetic, occlusion and comfort level. The prostheses can be removable or fixed. Removable prostheses are simpler and cheaper, while the fixed ones are a perfect substitute for natural teeth made with ceramic in a custom design. The fixed prostheses can only be removed by a dentist and offers superior aesthetic possibilities.


If you want to know more about implantology, contact the Dr. Ballester Clinic. There you will find the best specialists in dental health, odontology and bones of Denia. Start taking care of your dental health today, make an appointment at Dr. Ballester Clinic now. The first inspection is free! For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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