What insurances should you have?

Insurances protects us from future unpredictable incidents and can help us in difficult and very serious situations. However, we cannot have all the insurances that exists. To know what insurances you should have, the best thing to do is going to an administrator agency like Poquet & Asociados, where they will advise you about the most suitable products for you.


If you are a non-resident or have just moved to Spain from abroad, you will need legal and financial help in your first steps in the country. In an administrator agency they will inform you about your rights and obligations, the taxes you must pay and the insurances you should have, among other important details.


Poquet & Asociados is a professional office formed by lawyers, economists and consultors, who will provide you with a comprehensive and high-quality service that covers all legal aspects in Spain. Their team will solve all your doubts, will advise you in all the procedures and will always look for the best solution for you.


Among other things, the extraordinary team of Poquet & Asociados could help you prepare tax declarations, control your finances and obtain your NIE number or your residence permit. They are also specialists in extensive advice on real estate and property, inheritance and economic management, as well as insurance.



The most appropriate insurances for you

Nobody likes to pay for insurances, but these contracts can avoid many problems of all kinds. However, you may not know what insurance you should have. Depending on what you want to insure, the insurance fee can be quite high, so you must be sure that you need it before signing the insurance policy.


What insurance should I get?


That is why at Poquet & Asociados they have incorporated insurance mediator services with the prestigious European company Allianz Seguros. In addition, Allianz has been recently recognised as the first insurance brand worldwide, according to the latest Interbrand ranking.


As insurance agents of Allianz Moraira, they can give specific advice with personalised offers tailored to the needs of each client. In this way, they can advise you about what insurance you should have, such as life insurance, stock insurance, home insurance or car insurance (which is mandatory in Spain), as well as pension plans, investment insurance or business insurance, among others.


If you need an insurance or want to inform yourself about it, visit the office of Poquet & Asociados in Moraira and they will advise you without any obligation. Their office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., although they can also meet you at another time by appointment. Their team can assist you in Spanish, English, Valencian, German, French and Dutch. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Poquet & Asociados

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