What Do Surrealism, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein And The Renaissance Masters Have In Common? Answer: Blizz Art Gallery

Internationally renowned French artist Patrick Rubinstein is now part of BLIZZ ART GALLERY’s portfolio. Rubinstein’s kinetic artworks are instantly recognizable.


Rubinstein’s creations effectively combine creativity and ingenuity to give life to an energetic vision translated into luxurious artworks. His art perfectly blends creativity and innovation, to create an animated perspective in his pieces. His themes are motion based. The viewer has an ever-changing artwork in front of his eyes, that transforms based on the focalization point.

He mostly focuses on what he calls the Double/Triple Principle, where two/three images appear to blend into one. This technique uses avant-garde methods including layering and angles.



Rubinstein’s artworks are focused not on the process itself, but rather on what the work represents and which emotions it triggers. He masters the technique in which he combines two or more psychedelic contrast images into one portrait. As someone who works on the concept of Op Art, his creations are actually optical illusions and games that offer multidimensional views, depending on the angle of focalization.

At the same time, juxtaposing vibrant colors combined with black and white causes multiple emotions and triggers reactions – which are the main focus of his art. The movement and change in all his works confirm his statement that he dislikes static art. He succeeds in making images look alive, by developing a kinetic universe with the help of Surrealism, street art, pop art, and Renaissance.



Patrick, strongly influenced by British rock and American pop, combines motifs from the past and present, “sculpting” and polishing his art with the care and precision of a goldsmith, leaving the observer enchanted by a futuristic and avant-gardist artwork.

In case you are left wondering what the term “kinetic art” means… “Kinetic art” was coined in 1920 by constructivist artists Naum Gabo and Antoine Pevsner used the term in their Realistic Manifesto. Kinetic art is basically a trend of art that incorporates certain features of movement. This can include sculptures powered by electric motors, works of art that move in reaction to wind, or optical illusions that create the mirage of movement. Patrick’s approach to this is enthralling, as he gives his artworks an alive and ever-changing quality.



Through his artwork, Patrick Rubinstein has revisited the most known symbols of the second half of the twentieth century, indulging in the vibrant world of Pop from the 1960s, shaded in black and white splendor from the 1950s, and shaken by the anarchic lunacy of street art from the 1980s to the current day.



If you’ve fallen in love with Patrick’s paintings as much as we have, or if you’re simply interested in seeing and admiring his works up close, BLIZZ ART GALLERY’s contact information is provided below. The gallery adds an artistic touch of sophistication, luxury, and color to the Puerto Banùs experience.

BLIZZ ART GALLERY is the only gallery in the area that offers luxurious artworks created by internationally-acclaimed artists such as Patrick Rubinstein and Isabelle Scheltjens. In doing so, the gallery satisfies the hunger for unique, one-of-a-kind artworks of art lovers or visitors who wish to purchase an exclusive artwork for their exclusive property.

BLIZZ ART GALLERY also offers the possibility to have luxurious custom-made artwork based on the color palette of the client’s interior.

Offering unique instances of beauty and depth, this unique gallery is open to all those seeking to experience a moment of authentic beauty and calm in their otherwise daily hectic life.



Address: Calle Ribera, Casa N, Local 18, planta baja

29660 Puerto Banús




Phone: +34 951 74 30 06

Opening hours: Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 20:00


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