Welcome to the new Hammam rituals with green tea and oriental spices.

At Spain Life we always bring you the latest news on healthy lifestyle, What we are talking about today is Hammam Bienestar Ancestral and its new rituals of  Green tea and Oriental Spices.


As you may already know, and for those who are not sure  (we highly recommend you to experience it), the Hammam ritual is one of the oldest cleansing traditions in the world. This steam bath experience from the East purifies both body and soul.


It is a unique experience that leaves you with cleansed and purified skin and most importantly with a feeling of well-being that goes far beyond the purely physical.


The lack of knowledge of what an Arabian bath or hammam really is has made us move away from a tradition (with more than XV centuries of antiquity) that provides beauty to the body and calm to the mind.


At Spain Life, we have tried it in the only Hammam in the province of Alicante, Hammam Bienestar Ancestral so we can inform you first hand what to expect from this amazing experience.



Green Tea and Oriental Spices Ritual




First, you will go for a private 60-minute session in the hammam to oxygenate the body, relieve muscle tension and receive a complete exfoliating and moisturizing treatment on the hot stone.


The temperature and the suspended vapor bring bit by bit a deeply relaxing feeling and open the pores of the skin, preparing it for the exfoliating hammam ritual.

Then, they will give you the typical hammam exfoliating treatment, followed by the wrapping of the skin in a natural, very nourishing, and oily lotion mask applied gently on the body and face. This is something that really awakens your senses.



We have chosen the new Green Tea scent that is well known for its richness in polyphenols, powerful antioxidants that neutralize free radicals in the skin, helping it to regenerate and look naturally youthful. It also prevents the destruction of collagen and elastin, delaying the appearance of signs of aging.


It is a renewing and relaxing experience. After 15 minutes, the skin looks radiant and incomparably nourished.

They offer you the possibility to choose the aroma of your mask (Green Tea or Oriental Spices.).


Succumb to full-body treatments and rejuvenate both your body and mind with a traditional steam bath ritual, the ultimate wellness journey at Hammam Bienestar Ancestral, unique in Alicante. Close your eyes and feel the warmth of your own personal wellness ceremony.




Contact Details

Avenida Fabraquer 38,
Las tiendas de Villa Marco, local 5
03560, El Campello – Alicante

Phone: (+34) 965 03 95 25.  (+34) 698 683 013



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