Welcome, summer!

Summer is coming. This Friday the summer solstice is celebrated with the uncertainty of the weather that it will bring. This spring has been unusually cold and unstable and it will say goodbye with one last low-pressure area. Do you want to know the forecast for this week?


Today has begun with a stable weather and spring-like and very pleasant temperatures. However, a low-pressure area is approaching the northwest of the peninsula. During Tuesday and Wednesday it will leave rains and intense winds, but also a rise in temperatures, which will exceed 30 degrees in provinces such as Bilbao, Madrid, Cuenca, Murcia, Cordoba and Badajoz, as well as Zaragoza, Huesca and Logroño. During Wednesday the rains will be more intense in the north of the Iberian Peninsula, even having some storms. Therefore, summer could come with rain and the climatic swings that have accompanied us this spring.


Will it rain this week?


What will the weather be like this summer in Spain?

The usual for Spanish summers is an average temperature of about 23º during the summer, although with considerable differences between the north and the south of the country. In general, it usually rains little and the nights are warm and tropical, with minimum temperatures above 24ºC. However, this summer could become even warmer than normal in many Spanish cities. These high temperatures will affect mainly the interior of the peninsula, especially in Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha and Castilla y León. In addition, more storms are expected in the northeast of the peninsula and a drier weather than usual in the northwest.


Therefore, remember the basic tips to protect yourself from the heat. Try not to expose yourself directly to the sun, especially at noon, and try not to go out to do outdoor sports in the hottest hours. It is also important to stay well hydrated drinking a minimum of two litres of water a day and put on sunscreen when you go outside, not only when we go to the beach or the swimming pool.


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