Weekly Weather Report: Thunderstorms and Rain to Possibly Return

The last week has seen the return of the hot weather, but across the Costa Blanca things may take a turn as a low-pressure weather system is currently barrelling across the continent. This “loop of cloud” is expected to bring sharp showers and even heavy thunderstorms, which may come as a relief after all the hot weather, but some parts of the Costa Blanca are still expected to have blisteringly hot conditions.


Across much of the eastern side of the Mediterranean, it is mainly dry with lots of sunshine. We have got a few sharp showers across parts of Europe including the Costa Blanca this week, but the sunshine and heat will still be a common theme.


The low-pressure front is likely to slide itself south and eastwards, there will be some sharp showers, local thunderstorms, once again to the south we are staying dry with lots of very warm, if not hot sunshine.


As always, it is important to dress for the weather and ensure you take proper precautions in the heat with sun cream and protective clothing.


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