Watch Out For The Return of the Heat

Last week we had a break from intense heat with rain cooling the atmosphere of many cities in the Iberian Peninsula. This week, the weather looks like it will get much hotter again. Find out all the details in our weekly forecast.


Europe will be split with 40c heat warnings in Spain, along with ferocious thunderstorms that are set to strike in other countries. A mixture of conditions this week will see the risk of thunderstorms rise with thermometers in some areas of Spain hitting 40c with heat warnings in place.


Much of Spain will be hot and sunny this week, with temperatures across parts of the Eastern half of the country expected to hit over 40c with weather warnings in place. Across much of the southeast of Europe and into the eastern Mediterranean hot, dry and sunny, 39C or so for Benidorm and other parts of the country.


Watch out for heat


With temperatures rising somewhat this week, it is advisable to continue taking precautions to protect us from heat. A good quality awning can help us maintain an optimal temperature at home, and it is also convenient to use outdoor furniture that does not deteriorate with the sun. In addition, we also have to adequately protect our pets, taking precautions to avoid heat strokes in dogs and keep our cats hydrated in summer.

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