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Since the mid-’90s, Nicolai Jensen has been involved in his family-run business with his father, who started a resort business on the Danish island of Bornholm. Nicolai’s father used to purchase run-down or unwanted hotel premises in deplorable conditions in order to renovate them into luxury apartments,  subsequently resold them as permanent or holiday homes/rentals. 

Nicolai Jensen
Nicolai Jensen

Over the years, this business became quite successful with Nicolai learning from his father how an ungainly unit can be transformed into a fetching asset, and how this multigenerational mindset also puts them at advantage in the long term in many ways.

During their annual trips to Spain’s Costa Blanca and Costa del Sol areas, this father-son duo fell in love with Spain’s magnificent culture, and lifestyle, and in 2005, they decided to buy a home with the idea of staying in Spain on a more permanent basis.

Von Poll Real Estate Costa Blanca
Von Poll Real Estate Costa Blanca

Having witnessed the not-so-customer-friendly service offered during the process of the purchase, an idea to relocate came up, which was then followed by a business plan that was then put into action. In 2010 they made a permanent move to Spain, and opened “ Marysol Villas “ in Albir, providing a complete buying & selling experience and offering a very high level of service that European clients very much needed. As they achieved great success with this venture, in 2015, they opened their second office in Calpe, which is now being used as their headquarters.

Von Poll Real Estate Costa Blanca, Headquarters
Von Poll Real Estate Costa Blanca Headquarters

In 2021, Yohanne joined the business as an Exclusive Commercial and Sales agent. With her big city background in Hamburg, she was able to quickly identify areas in which the level of customer experience and recognition of the brand could be further enhanced and promoted across social media platforms. Nicolai together with Yohanne started their relationship and built on the foundations of both his and her companies what is now known as “Nordik Estates”, an innovative real estate firm with a transparent, inclusive, client-focused strategy.

Yohanne & Nicolai Jensen, Owners of Nordik Estates
Yohanne & Nicolai Jensen
Yohanne & Nicolai Jensen, Von Poll Real Estate

With the success of their new chapter being witnessed across Europe, the couple was approached by Von Poll, a German real estate company that operates internationally. This dynamic duo was given the opportunity to be a part of the Von Poll Master Franchise Group, which allows them to operate their Nordik Estates business under the Von Poll brand.

This came as a complete surprise for Nicolai, to be approached and offered the opportunity that would then give them exposure to a much larger European customer base and complement the exceptional levels of experience and customer service that both parties could provide.

Von Poll Real Estate, Costa Blanca, Spain
Von Poll Real Estate, Costa Blanca, Spain

After evaluating their goals, values & methodologies, Nicolai & Yohanne agreed that this new partnership is an excellent way to accelerate their business growth, one with the potential to keep growing in today’s competitive market.

Most real estate companies do two things: find and sell properties. Once a property is sold, these companies disappear. With the arrival of Von Poll, the real estate market is about to undergo its biggest innovative disruption in decades.

With their shared inter-departmental access to exclusive market intelligence and resources, Von Poll ensures transparency and accountability throughout the process. So, if you are looking for your dream home in Costa Blanca or Costa del Sol or are looking to sell your villa or apartment, call them today!

Life Is Better in Spain
Das Leben ist schön in Spanien
Livet er skønt i Spanien
Het leven is beter in Spanje
زندگی در اسپانیا زیباتر است

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