VICENTE GRACIA; The festival of Las Fallas represented in the creations of Vicente Gracia.

As every good lover of the tradition and history of Spain knows and specifically of the Valencian community  Las Fallas are celebrated between March 15 and 19th  every year and hundreds of big and small Fallas are planted in the city of Valencia, which are the object of admiration by Valencians and visitors all around Europe until March 19, -the day of the cremà-, when these grandiose paper-mâché monuments disappear consumed by the flames. The fire, the “mascletàs”, the fireworks castles, and the popular participation have made this the festival to enjoy and it has deserved fame worldwide and has been declared a Festival of International Tourist Interest.


So music, gunpowder, and traditional clothing, as well as traditional jewelry, are added as ingredients to make the Fallas a unique festival.




Traditional Valencian jewelry.


The traditional Valencian jewelry is a heritage that is still alive thanks to Las Fallas where the costumes are a very important part of the festival. This tradition links us directly to the Silk Road, as the typical jewelry of Rajasthan in northern India, which was the place where all the precious stones from ancient times and through the silk road came to Valencia and also the stylistic forms of these earrings and jewelry that are curiously identical to the traditional Valencian jewelry.




You may wonder about the traditional jewelry from other parts of Spain such as Andalusia or Catalonia, but it must be said that none has that direct stylistic trunk with the jewelry of the Silk Road.


That is why Vicente Gracia the best jewelry outlet in Valencia loves to follow that tradition linked to the idea that is still alive thanks to the tradition of Las Fallas and to play with that idea that represents flowers, birds, abundance, good harvests, everything that represents wealth and good fortune amid all that archaic tradition that represents the earrings and jewelry as a symbol of abundance.






If you are interested in the representation that the jewelry artisan Vicente Gracia recreates in each of his unique pieces, just visit his website where you will find wonderful fine jewelry with the special Valencian seal of our successful recommended  Vicente Gracia.




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