Vicente Gracia Joyas: Earrings were not just for decoration 7,000 years ago!

Earrings are a favourite item of jewellery for lots of people around the world – men and women. Like rings, they have been around a long time – around 7,000 years now. However, while the ring has meant the same to people all over the world since it became popular, the original symbolism of earrings varied considerably.


In Spanish, earrings are ‘los pendientes,’ which is straightforward enough. However, back in ancient times, Egyptians wore them as a symbol of prosperity, Romans put them on their slaves, and in Ancient Greece, a lady wore earrings to identify herself as a prostitute!


Towards the Middle Ages, earrings were more male jewellery than female, and they often had a symbolic meaning. For example, a son who was the last of his line would wear two earrings, to signify he shouldn’t be sent to battle as it could wipe out his family name.


In the 13th century, the Catholic churched banned the wearing of pierced earrings, as it went against the Biblical teaching of the time. The body was considered a sacred object which should not be altered from its divine state of creation. That’s when pirates and thieves took to wearing hooped earrings, so once again, they became a label, and not a very flattering one at that!


Vicente GraciaThankfully, those days are long gone, and earrings are the perfect gift, with Christmas approaching fast. As you might expect, the earrings at Vicente Gracia Joyas are different to anything else, anywhere in the world. Vicente combines the history of the Mediterranean region with cultural influences and his own unique take on design. The result is colourful, original pieces which tell their own story, or invite you to explore their innate mystery and symbolism.


Earrings are very much ‘feel good’ jewels. They naturally lift your expression, so you look happy when you’re wearing them, and draw the eye of the observer to you, enabling them to share in your joy. Many of the items in the collection feature birds, which are symbols of freedom, and indeed, you may feel a sense of renewed confidence as your earrings speak for you, and manifest your love of life for all to see.


In the hands of Vicente Gracia, earrings become an expression of love, an expression of cultural freedom, and a dedication to the history that shaped us and the world we live in. Earrings are no longer a symbol of ownership or wealth, nor do they publicly proclaim the status – high or low – of those who wear them. They are celebrations of the enduring connection we all share with the past, the present and the future, and a statement of our ongoing celebration of beauty in all its forms.


Vicente GraciaWhen actress Andie McDowell was in Spain, she bought a version of the earrings featured above and in the header image from Vicente Gracia Joyas. Proof, were it needed, that earrings – and in particular the earrings created by Vicente Gracia – have enduring, universal appeal.


Each piece tells a story of its own, and when you wear Vicente Gracia earrings, you become a part of that story, carrying it into the future with you. Search the online store for inspiration for yourself, or a gift for someone special.


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