Valverde & Arpino: Everything You Need To Know About Intimate Surgery But May Not Dare To Ask

The vulva and vagina may undergo changes in the skin, size, and even in their functionality, due to age, overweight, menopause, and childbirth, among other factors. In this sense, genital aesthetic surgery techniques can correct these problems and get the intimate area look we want.


There are different intimate surgery techniques: many women seek to modify the appearance of the labia, while others prefer to recover elasticity in the tissues, or undergo a hymenoplasty, for example.

In this article today Valverde & Arpino tells us about the most requested techniques and the ones they perform in their clinics.


Labia Reduction or Labiaplasty


One of the most requested techniques is labiaplasty because many women suffer from overly large or asymmetrical labia minora: the folds of skin or the labia themselves around the vagina.

Elongated labia that overlap the labia majora are frequently a source of sexual self-consciousness, as well as discomfort while wearing a bathing suit or tight-fitting clothes.

When labiaplasty is performed alone, it is normally done under local anesthetic with sedation and takes around 30 minutes.

There may be some pain, edema, and discomfort throughout recuperation. However, the patient can return to work in as little as 2-3 days and resume sexual activity within one month.


Enhancement Of The Labia Majora


With age or after motherhood, some women experience a loss of plenitude in the labia majora. A projecting region is caused by a lack of labia majora and a large clitoris. The reduction of volume in the labia majora with aging is connected with low self-esteem and insecurity.

This can be improved through microinjections of fat or through infiltrations of permanent or semi-permanent fillers.


Lifting And Liposuction Of The Pubis


Fat deposits in the pubic region can be unsightly. Because of this, many men and women avoid wearing tight clothing or swimwear. Liposuction of this suprapubic fat deposit can enhance the shape. In the case of males, the accumulated fat in the pubis is the cause of an effect that causes the appearance of a penis that is not as long as it actually is. This may cause some complications with simple solutions.

In certain cases, the extra fat is combined with an excess of skin that hangs. In this situation, the fat is taken and the superfluous skin is removed through an incision buried beneath the bikini line and, in many cases, disguised by pubic hair.


Hymenoplasty or Virgin Surgery


Virgin surgery o Hymenoplasty or virgin surgery consists of the reconstruction of the hymen. The hymen is a structure that exists at the entrance to the vagina and is particularly important in some cultures, such as that of gypsies and Muslims.

Virginity is strongly related to discomfort and bleeding during the first sexual contact, which should take place with the spouse rather than before marriage.

This symbol is connected with purity, honor, and integrity in several civilizations. As a result, its rebuilding may be required in order to retain certain social “appearances” and so maintain an acceptable social condition for others.

This issue is addressed with hymenoplasty. It essentially consists of sealing the vaginal opening. Because the entry is smaller, the first penetration might be unpleasant and, in rare circumstances, bleeding after the procedure. The discomfort and bleeding are both “signs” of virginity.


For more information, Valverde & Arpino have on their website a F&Q document for each section (LABIAPLASTY, LABIA MAJORA, LIFTING PUBIS, HIMENOPLASTY) so that there is no doubt, and you can consult any doubt for free on your first visit.



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