Valverde & Arpino; Breast Lift, Everything You Need To Know


Over the years, and following circumstances such as pregnancy, breastfeeding, and the force of gravity, the breast tends to sag.

Furthermore, when skin elasticity declines, the breast loses form and collapses, a condition known as breast ptosis. So a breast lift, also known as mastopexy, is a surgical technique with excellent results that may elevate and contour drooping breasts. A prosthesis can be fitted when the breast, in addition to drooping, has lost or has very little volume.

This is one of the most demanded procedures and Dr. Valverde and Dr. Arpino have a great deal of experience in namely breast elevation so they will clear all your worries about this procedure in this article.




The procedure

This procedure involves elevating and rearranging the breast tissue, as well as redistributing and removing extra skin that produces the appearance of a sagging chest.

If required, you can undergo an enlargement with implants at the same time in specific circumstances. In this method, Dr. Valverde may enhance the volume on the upper pole (which is often lacking due to pregnancies or weight loss), generating a lovely and long-lasting outcome that adds not only volume but also uniformity to the breast.

The incisions and scars are determined by the location of the breast and the amount of extra skin present before to the operation. Some people just require a minor incision around the areola, whilst others may require many incisions to remove extra skin. They can raise the chest of certain patients and in some situations simply by installing a prosthetic and leaving no scars.



Once you have decided to opt for a breast lift operation, you will need to have a consultation, and Dr. Valverde and Dr. Arpino will listen to your objectives carefully and they will recommend the best options to give your chest a higher, nicer, and younger-looking shape.

At the consultation, the possibilities for your specific case will be studied on the basis of your anatomy, and the best technique for your case will be recommended.

If you decide to use prostheses, the appropriate simulations will also be carried out, so that you can decide with as much information as possible.

Their results are quite natural, as seen by the photographs above, and the patients were overjoyed. Furthermore, the quality of the materials they employ is critical, so they only implant the best prostheses available, which are the highest verified quality and guaranteed by the US Food and Drug Administration, as well as the CE stamps. Also ensured and calibrated using the most recent scientific investigations.



With all of this information, you will have a better understanding of all of your options for making a decision, but in any case, we urge that you read the FAQ that doctors Valverde and Arpino have addressed on their website to eliminate any questions.

You can also call them or make an appointment since the first visit is free of charge.




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03013 Alicante

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