Valverde & Arpino: The Most Sought-After Plastic Surgeons in Costa Blanca

Having just opened a new consultation service in Denia, Dr Valverde’s clinic is the most sought-after private health centre in Costa Blanca.

Dr Agustin Valverde

With ten years of experience under his belt, Dr Valverde is recognised as a prominent plastic surgeon in the field of aesthetic surgery. Already boasting two successful clinics in Alicante and Benidorm, we here at Spain Life are pleased to announce that the team has opened a new consultation service in Denia, Hospital San Carlos which is part of the HLA hospital group.

The team comprises plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeons. Working alongside Dr Valverde is also Dr Arpino, whom the clinics are named after. For them, their work rewards them with the most exciting and fulfilling of all medical specialities.

Having already helped hundreds of people, Valverde & Arpino have enhanced the lives of so many who wish to feel more confident and happier in themselves. Their patients come to them with specific concerns, seeking help and advice on how to overcome a particular insecurity, and so the pair delight in being able to offer

Valverde & Arpino offer an extensive range of services, from breast implants, breast reductions, breast implant replacements, protruding ear correction, abdominal reconstruction, to skin excess skin removal. You name it, they take care of it.

About the Team

With Dr Agustín Valverde you can be assured that you’re in good hands. He’s studied medicine at the prestigious private University of Navarra, considered the best medical school in the country. After graduation, Dr Valverde took the national examination in Oviedo to become a qualified specialist.

Specialised in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery by the Spanish government and the Ministry of Health, he has travelled to Taiwan to learn microsurgical techniques with Prof. Wei, and to Mexico to learn congenital defects surgery with Prof. Ortiz Monasterio and Prof. Fernando Molina, two of the best surgeons in the world. He also worked in the Maxillofacial Surgery Department of Prof. Navarro at the Gregorio Marañón Hospital in Madrid.

Dr Alessia Arpino studied medicine at the University of La Sapienzia, the most prestigious medical school in Italy. After her national examination, she started her internship at the University of Rome Tor Vergata. During this period, Dr Arpino has been one of the most prolific residents, working on the European experimental research of hair cell extraction.

As a specialist in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, Alessia’s astounding experience and expertise has been recognised by the Italian government and the Italian Ministry of Health.

Dr Valverde correcting protruding ears, a common procedure

Alessia Arpino

Breast Implants and Reduction Surgery

Doctors Valverde & Arpino are mostly renowned for their impeccable service of breast enhancement as well as breast reduction surgery. They have stated that breast enhancement surgery is one of the most sought-after treatments, and their patients have been thrilled with the results so far.

Regarded as leaders in breast surgery, a special technique is used that involved small incisions in the areola or in the groove of the breast we place a breast prosthesis, in such a way that we give volume and shape to a breast, which for the patient, is very small.

You can feel comfortable that the doctors will be able to provide you with extensive information for the best breast augmentation surgery that is best suited for you. They’ll also explain the different types of prostheses available, where, where and how they are fitted.

Breast Lifts

This process involves lifting and repositioning the breast tissue, redistributing it and removing the excess skin that gives the breast a sagging appearance.

In some cases, augmentation with implants can be performed at the same time if necessary. In this way, with the implant, we can improve the volume in the upper pole (which is normally lacking due to pregnancy or weight loss), achieving a very beautiful and lasting result, providing not only volume but also consistency to the breast.

The incisions and scars depend on the position of the breast and the amount of excess skin existing before the intervention. Some patients only need a small incision around the areola, while others may require more incisions to remove excess skin. In some patients, and in certain cases, we can lift the breast by simply placing a prosthesis and with virtually no scarring.

During your consultation, Dr Valverde and Dr Arpino will listen carefully to your goals and recommend the best treatment options to give your breasts a higher, more beautiful, more youthful shape.

Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breasts can be a real nuisance. Not only aesthetically, but also when it comes to normal everyday life and exercising. When this is the case, Valverde & Arpino can recommend breast reduction surgery or breast reduction.

Using a series of techniques, the excess breast tissue is removed that tends to fall and hangover. They shape the new breast and lift the breast in the same operation. In this way, the team is able to achieve beautifully and, most importantly, natural-looking breasts that are in harmony with the patient’s body, well proportioned and of an appropriate size.

The result is comfort, beauty and self-confidence. When it comes to breast reduction surgery or reduction mammoplasty, excess skin and tissue are removed and the breast is lifted to achieve beautiful breasts that are in harmony with the patient’s body.

Your First Appointment

In your first consultation, Valverde & Arpino will put your mind at ease from the first moment you step in the door. The first consultation is free of charge, and they’ll take it upon themselves to get fully acquainted with your particular case.

Whether you have any doubts before scheduling your appointment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them to put any of your concerns to rest, as they’ll give you a full rundown of the options available.

The relationship between doctor and patient is based on the utmost level of trust, which is why Agustín Valverde, Alessia Arpino, and their team of fully qualified professionals will be delighted to welcome you in and show you their facilities.

Make an Appointment for a Consultation

The new consultation service in Denia is available for appointments which can be made via WhatsApp on the phone 679 14 40 05.

Patients give a brief description of what they have in mind, and then they’re given a time and date to meet at Hospital San Carlos where they’re called to close the consultation.


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