A Valencian company reinvents capsule coffee machines for alcoholic beverages

The capsule coffee machine is one of the best inventions of recent years. Can you imagine a similar device for alcoholic beverages? Well, it is now a reality thanks to a Valencian company, which has managed to create a dispenser of 30 alcoholic beverages with one single bottle.


The Smart Spirits technology company has made many people’s dreams come true. Their alcoholic beverages dispenser transforms high quality neutral grain alcohol into beverages with 30 different flavours. Whiskey, rum, vodka, gin, liquors… which one is your favourite? Now you can prepare them all at home, with the added advantage that you can also regulate the alcoholic graduation from 0 to 40 degrees keeping the flavour intact, as the company reports.


For this you only need a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth technology and an app. In this way, we can control all the functions of the dispenser or this innovative “capsule coffee machine” from our mobile phone. We can control the alcohol level of the drink that we are going to prepare, but we can also put a security lock and gain access to varied cocktail recipes.


A Valencian company invents an alcoholic beverage dispenser


Create your personalised alcoholic beverage

With this dispenser we can create all kinds of personalised drinks to our liking thanks to the single dose capsules of essences, which are mixed with different proportions of alcohol and water. Do you want to enjoy a gin without alcohol? Select the percentage of 0% alcohol. In this way, the essence of the capsule will be mixed only with water and you can enjoy the taste of gin without a drop of alcohol.


You can find essences flavoured with liquors, tequila, brandy, whiskey, vodka, gin and rum, among others alcoholic beverages. With a single machine and one bottle of special alcohol you can prepare your favourite drinks at home and try new ones, such as limoncello, butterscotch liquor or coconut rum. There are many options!


How to make your own alcoholic beverages at home


Although the first sales of this Smart Spirits dispenser have taken place this year, the idea emerged in 2014. At that time, the founders of this Valencian company discovered that through high quality neutral grain alcohol, formulated specifically for food use, they could create a drink with the desired flavour through essence capsules. Also, adding water the possibilities were much greater.


The future of alcoholic beverages is here. For more information, please visit the website of this innovative Valencian company.

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