UK Tax Refund Presents: New social media platforms with even more valuable information on taxation in Spain and the UK

Since 2008, UK Tax Refund have been taking all the hard work and worry out of being fiscally legal in Spain. In many cases, they’ve actually saved clients money, due to their extensive knowledge of tax legislation in both Spain and the UK. And they are so confident that their advice is the best, they don’t even ask you to pay for their services until your situation is favourably resolved.


Now, the company has stepped firmly into the digital age.  For the first time since UK Tax Refund was formed, you can find them on both  Facebook and Instagram. As Brexit finally approaches, many people are confused about their position after the end of 2020. The only way to be sure that you are fully tax compliant in your country of residence and your home country is to be an expert on taxation yourself, or to consult with one. UK Tax Refund gets much of its business through personal recommendation, and the ladies who run the office are at the top of their game professionally, and have been dealing with the taxation issues for many years.


UK Tax Refund


It’s purely accidental that the office is entirely staffed by females, just as UK Tax Refund accidentally became a tax specialist when its founder started to guide fellow expats through the two-pronged taxation maze in his spare time. Spain Life Exclusive spoke to Michelle, who told us:


We all love what we do for our clients, and many of them become friends. In fact, people often say to us that coming to our office feels more like joining friends for a pleasant catch up than conducting business. We feel that’s the best recommendation possible, because it shows we’re taking the worry away from them, as well as helping them to be tax efficient and legal in both Spain and the UK. And our extensive experience in the taxation niche means we enjoy a close relationship with HM Customs and Revenue, which speeds up the process of resolving taxation issues.


The personal touch is important, because the lovely ladies at UK Tax Refund don’t just see columns of numbers – they realise that each case is different, just as each client who comes through their doors is unique. Too often, number crunchers are more concerned with making sure the columns add up, which means the client doesn’t always get the reassurance they need, when they need to navigate the taxation system of two different countries. UK Tax Refund’s personal service, and their relaxed approach to resolving tax issues ensures that a visit to their office is something to look forward to, and that’s a real bonus for their many satisfied clients.


The new social media platforms will help to strengthen the business bond with clients, as well as providing reliable, verified tax-related information to anyone living in Spain, or dividing their time between Spain and the UK.  Very soon, UK Tax Refund will be launching their new look website, with more information. Look out for our review shortly.


Ignore the pronouncements of the Bar Stool Barristers, and get your information from the people who really know their stuff. Contact Silvia, Michelle and the team to find out how UK Tax Refund can take the hard work out of taxation, leaving you more time to enjoy your life in Spain.


Contact details:

UK Tax RefundAddress:

Calle Gabriel Miró, 1, El Campello – 03560 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 636 938


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