UK Tax Refund announces the launch of their new website making things simpler and better

UK Tax refund, the company we always recommend our readers to trust someone with their tax affairs, has a new website with even more valuable information and much more updates on the latest news about taxation in the UK and in Spain.


We see so many times ex-pats finding local Gestors who try to sort out their UK/Spanish tax affairs. In their defense, they try their best but usually have little knowledge of UK requirements. It is a complex matter, becoming even more complicated with Brexit. The outstanding team of UK Tax Refund with their knowledge and experience can make the transition as pain-free as possible and help their clients to continue enjoying life in Spain forfeiting as least as possible to the Tax Offices!


And don’t forget that legal requirements are legal requirements – they won’t go away! So why not simply give them an opportunity to help you better enjoy this wonderful life in Spain that we all love so much allow them to give you peace of mind and deal with things for you.



About them





Uk tax Refund is run by Silvia Hernandez and has excellent offices in El Campello and this all started a few years ago as a simple work from home business that Silvia has now built up with her excellent team, and it has now grown into a very respectable business serving a lot of clients who have been using them for many years.


They deal with all personal tax affairs and queries from people from all over Spain and their aim is to give a friendly personal service that you will not find anywhere better and the team have extensive knowledge and look after there customers from small to large issues.


They pride themselves on being there on the end of the phone for all their customers as a lot of there work comes from recommendations from clients who have been using them for years and once you call and have any dealings with them you will see why as they immediately are able to put you at ease and aim to resolve your tax issues quickly and efficiently.




The reason to choose them; outstanding services


There are a number of reasons, in addition to the utmost attention to detail and professionalism, why people choose UK Tax Refund SL to put their tax affairs in order and keep them that way. These are just some of them:



Registered Agents with HMRC


They have approved agents with Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC), they have access to a designated team of caseworkers. This means continuity, as they deal with the same people, and it also means they can fast track issues through the system, speeding up the whole process.



Everything explained in layman’s terms


Navigating the tax system in one country, let alone two, is intimidating, especially if you are unfamiliar with how it works. Their friendly experts will explain everything in plain English and offer reassurance and peace of mind.


Nothing to pay upfront


They are so confident you will be delighted with their service; they do not ask for a retainer on the account. You will not receive a bill until the process is complete and your tax affairs are fully in order.


 What UK Tax Refund SL can help you with


  • Declaration of Worldwide Assets (Form 720)
  • Non-Resident Tax
  • Conveyancing for property purchases and sales
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Certificate of Fiscal Residence (CFR)
  • Spain Resident Annual Income Tax Return (Renta)
  • UK – Spain Double Taxation Agreement (DTA)
  • Uk Self Assessment Tax Return


This is a list of their main services, but it’s not exhaustive. Just give them a call if the issue you need help with isn’t listed here. They have extensive experience in all aspects of personal taxation, so they can help with most things.


Contact Details:




Calle Gabriel Miró, 1, El Campello – 03560 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 636 938









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