Two important reminders about your taxes this year

Taxes are one of the most frequent concerns for people, whether resident or non-resident. The time of dealing with two important tax obligations is approaching and the UK Tax Refund team of experts can answer your queries.


From UK Tax Refund, they would like to kindly remind everyone that at this time of year they are dealing with two tax obligations, Spanish Non-Resident Tax for 2018 and UK Self-Assessment Tax Return for 2018/19. Non-Resident tax is for anyone who owns a Spanish property and is a non-resident of Spain. It is a tax paid annually if the property is not rented out and is for the owner’s private use.


The deadline for paying this tax is the 31st December 2019. If the property is rented out, the rental income must be declared on a quarterly non-resident tax return, declaring gross rental income less the relevant deductible expenses for the quarter. If you think that either or both of these may apply to you, then please contact the UK Tax Refund team for more information.


UK Self-Assessment is another tax obligation they are currently dealing with for many of their clients for the 2018/19 UK tax year. Whether it is declaring UK rental income, employment income or any other source of income, the deadline to submit and pay any tax due is the 31st January 2020.


Taxes of non-residents in Spain

How to properly manage your taxes in Spain

Worried or concerned about completing this correctly, as registered agents of HMRC, the UK Tax Refund team are able to deal with this swiftly and efficiently. Please just get in touch for more information on how they can help you. Your taxes will never be a problem again with the help of this wonderful company!



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