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We are proud to announce that the successful Triora has become our new sponsor of the Health & Beauty section. Look out for more details and news to come!


Triora is a business founded in the Netherlands in 2003. Through their experts, in Triora they have developed a unique addiction treatment model with a long-term recovery rate. Triora is applying this successful comprehensive model at international level. They currently have two private clinics in Spain, one in Alicante and one in Malaga, with upcoming openings pending. Both clinics are located in a very quiet natural environment, where you can feel at ease and accompanied at all times.


In addition, Triora also functions as a private outpatient treatment centre. For this, they have outpatient centres in Malaga, Alicante, Madrid and Barcelona. From here, Triora experts can treat your addiction without being temporarily admitted to their clinics.


A complete and exclusive treatment model

The Triora model applies a method of integral medical-therapeutic treatment that works on the mind, body and recovery of lost values. Their expert professionals offer a differentiated, unique and holistic approach to the treatment of addictions, working different facets at all levels:


  • Prevention.
  • Outpatient treatment.
  • Treatment of admission to the clinic.
  • Follow-up after the clinic internment program.
  • Follow-up and support for life.


In Triora clinics they can help you overcome your addiction


During the treatment, individual and group therapies, family sessions and advice for family and partners are performed. In addition, the experts also treat the prevention of relapses and behavioural changes.


Overcome your addiction with the help of the best professionals

In Triora they can help you overcome your addiction to alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, gambling and video games, among other services. Likewise, if you suspect that you or an acquaintance may have an addiction problem, on their website you can find several self-tests that you can perform to discover that there is a problem. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you or a family member may need addiction help. The first step is to acknowledge it.


The first evaluation is free. Why don’t you get in touch with Triora’s experts? They can help you overcome your addiction and recover the reins of your life. The moment is now. You can do it. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Triora Clinic Phones

  • Alicante clinic: +34 965 150 965
  • Málaga clinic: +34 952 641 207
  • Madrid clinic: +34 911 697 207
  • Barcelona clinic: +34 930 156 201
  • Calling from abroad: +44 (0) 8000 88 50 19


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