Toys for dogs made by people with disabilities

Do you want toys for smart dogs? Do you need a gift for your puppy? If you are a committed human being you will look for products with added value, that do not remain on the surface and that contribute with more than a mere consumption. In LaraVital they work with different suppliers who do items with soul and who fulfil social as well as commercial objectives.


Original dogs look for brands with social conscience

In LaraVital they get excited when they find companies that do their job thinking of people, respecting the environment and contributing to a fairer society. That is how they feel with Treusinn, a German company that has conquered them.


Something as simple as buying a toy to our dog can become a gesture of commitment and collaboration with society. The LaraVital team likes the work done with heart instead of looking to sell products without going any further. We live in a society in which we consume without thinking what is behind, who makes the product or what message one item wants to convey.


Toys for dogs made with heart


In Treusinn they make the products by hand, but these are special hands. People with physical and cognitive disabilities have found integration and a job opportunity in a society that does not make it easy for them. The work days are quiet, each one carries out the job calmly. That is why patience is requested, because its products take longer than in other companies to be ready. But they are done with a lot of love.


A gift for your dog, for society and for nature

In LaraVital they connect with these brands that offer added value. That’s why they have selected some Treusinn dog toys. You can look at them on their website.


Treusinn makes products with soul


The toys are made with sustainable, toxic-free materials. They are not only functional, but they are also very lovely: they have modern designs and always respect their craft philosophy. Producing with integrity and sustainability is not only functional, but also beautiful.


The LaraVital team likes to encourage artisan production instead of cheap and depersonalised mass production, in addition to the social commitment in place of the production line of a factory. They like to do something good for our dogs and for the world. Do you join their feeling?


Treusinn helps in social integrity


If you want more information about the best natural food or the most suitable toys for your dog, call LaraVital through the phone number +34 965 767 676. Its employees are very friendly and will be happy to help you in everything you need. You can also contact them through the WhatsApp number +34 639 001 248 or the email The offices of LaraVital are located in calle Riu Segura, 9, in Les Hortes industrial estate, in Beniarbeig (Alicante). For more information you can visit their website and social their networks.



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