Tourism Tax To Hit British Holidaymakers Going To Spain This Summer


We all dream of the beautiful British Summer; perfect blue skies and hot summer days… and then it appears for a couple of days and turns to rain again. So failing that we head down to our local travel agents and book somewhere that guarantees us some of that beautiful vitamin D. However as of the 1st July – British holidaymakers could be in for a shock.

Holidaymakers travelling to Ibiza, Majorca, Formentera and Menorca this summer will now be facing an extra tax for visiting the Spanish islands.

The Balearic island authorities approved the new duty in March, but there were talks about the tax coming into force last year. However with the introduction of the tax it could now cost families an additional £70.

A recent survey announced they the population of Britain spend £207,824 on holidays over their lifetime. However the rates of the tourist tax will depend on the star rating of the hotel; four to five star will be two euros per person per day and one to three star will be one euro (per person per day).

Angry Brits have accused tourism bosses of cashing in on the surge in Spanish holiday bookings after the decline to other destinations of the terrorist attacks in Egypt and Tunisia.

The charges will halve after day 9 of a stay, however it still adds up that if a family of four with children over 16 stay on an island for a fortnight, they will be paying up to £70 extra.

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