Top Designers in Costa del Sol

Costa del Sol, a stunning coastal region in Spain, has become a haven for luxury living and exquisite architecture. As the demand for high-end interior design continues to grow, a group of talented designers has emerged, each leaving an indelible mark on the industry. Let’s take a closer look at the top designers in Costa del Sol who are rewriting the rules of luxury interior design.


Ann Sand, from High-End Homes Studio, is a Norwegian interior designer with a penchant for islands and iconic designs. Her three years spent living in Bali ignited a spark of inspiration, prompting her to combine tropical elements with her Nordic heritage.

Having represented leading Scandinavian brands for over two decades, Ann found her calling in the elevated design segment. Her discerning eye for product selection, impeccable treatment of clients, and the enchanting atmosphere she creates within her spaces make Ann Sand’s interior design oasis a standout destination in Marbella and the province of Malaga.


An interior designer with an artistic soul and a passion for aesthetics, functionality and detail. She approaches her work with the dedication of a craftsman. She pours her heart into each project she undertakes. Quality always takes precedence over quantity, allowing her and her team to fully immerse themselves in creating stunning decorative spaces.

More importantly, Heidi Gubbins‘ interior design focuses on crafting environments that not only delight the eye but also provide a sense of well-being. Her philosophy enables her to create spaces that captivate the senses and evoke a feeling.


Marisa Gallo is synonymous with luxury interior design. She has been refining her talent for over two decades, so this relentless pursuit has led to the creation of a distinctive style characterized by elegance and timeless classicism.

Her studio offers a holistic service, starting from the initial concept to the final delivery. The personalized attention and meticulous care for detail are aspects that Gallo emphasizes greatly, ensuring a continuous dialogue with clients throughout the entire design process.

Her latest project “Altos Reales” in Marbella is coming soon this year. Here’s a sneak peak!


Distinguished designer Nezha Kanouni established her interior design business on the Costa del Sol in 1997. Under her personal brand, ‘Nezha Kanouni Interior Design,’ she has earned significant recognition among her discerning international clientele.

Nezha’s unique style prioritizes contemporary lines with an eclectic and elegant touch. This combination imbues her designs with an unparalleled freshness and glamour, while maintaining a focus on functionality and comfort.

Nezha Kanouni Interior Design Studio collaborates with leading international furniture, fabric and design brands. As a result, she has become one of the most sought-after interior designers in Marbella.


Pedro Peña is not just an interior designer based in Marbella. He represents an exclusive and original style that plays with the contrast of elements, achieving intrinsic and balanced results.

Renowned for his avant-garde and luxury interior designs, Pedro Peña’s work is characterized by simple lines, strong color contrasts and the use of futuristic objects. Pedro Peña’s Interior Design Studio manages to create innovative and exclusive combinations, thanks to their openness to new trends and a personalized approach to each client.


ARK Architects offers high-quality services. They combine the best of architecture and luxury interior design, specializing in villa designs along the Costa del Sol.

From architecture, construction, interior design to landscaping, ARK Architects covers it all. Led by visionary architect Manuel Ruiz, the team embarks on an awe-inspiring journey. From land preparation to the completion of every detail, including furniture, home automation, pools, spa and gardens.

The Mediterranean coast has become a hub for luxury interior design. It attracts some of the most talented and innovative designers in the industry. With their unique styles, dedication and personalized approach, these top designers are revolutionizing the world of luxury interior design on the Costa del Sol.

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