This latest swimming pool project from the experts at Gunitec will amaze you

Gunitec is the luxury swimming pool design and construction company we introduced to you some time ago based in Javea and now we wish to show you the details of one of the successful and awesome projects that they recently completed.


For those of you who don’t know Gunitec yet, they are an award-winning and internationally recognized swimming pool company in Costa Blanca with more than 40 years of solid experience, and what really sets apart this company from others in their field is they have a unique concept and vision for swimming pools and spas always looking for continuous movement and looking for innovation, inspiration, and beauty in every project taking each one personally and putting all their passion and attention to detail from start to finish.



La Barraca swimming-pool project


As we said, Gunitec makes real feats of skill and infills in all the gaps and builds authentic paradises of crystal-clear water.


This particular project is about a renovated pool that had cracks in its structure. After an in-depth study by Gunitec, they decided to make a new foundation on which to support a new pool and designed a pool adapted to the needs of the customer who were looking for a new design and finishes as well as automatic equipment installed.





This pool is located in Javea, in the area of La Barraca on the  Portitxol side and the project was developed to raise the pool to achieve a single level exterior and more water surface was sought for this. For this reason, a spa has also been built next to the pool, heated and fully equipped.




In the swimming pool, the aim was to use the compensation tank as a sheet of water that would give the pool more dimension and thus be able to stagger the different levels with the plot, always surrounded by water. The technical team completed under the waterfall as well with natural stones from the plot itself.
































The system used for both the pool and the spa is the gunite system. Gunitec in this case designed a whole adaptation project looking for natural stones and coverings with a gresite that combined well with the sea and at the same time with the garden of the house to make a perfect match.


Everything was adapted to the needs of the client and with a fully automatic cleaning system integrated into the bottom of the pool as well as automatic disinfection by salt electrolysis.


The overflow wall is made of natural stone from the same mountain as the waterfall and planters, and the coping is made of cream-colored, non-slip natural marble.


The result is a true marvel that is obvious in the photos.





































If this article has inspired you to install a fashionable pool in your home, get in touch with the experts of Gunitec as soon as possible, the summer season begins now!


Gunitec professional team will be happy to advise you to enjoy the pool of your dreams.


Contact them today!


Contact details:


José Luis Borges, s/n
Apd. 477
03730 Jávea (Alicante)


+34 965 790 546


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