This hidden gem of a restaurant that has to be seen to be believed in the wonderful Jalon Valley.

Sometimes here at Spain Life we come across special gems and the one we are going to let you know about today is a restaurant that is simply spectacular due to its unique and beautiful location and the most incredible views and of course for its excellent cuisine which In there words is simple and very tasty… so in this article, we are going to tell you all about the restaurant  La Venta del Collao “lost” in the mountains.



This unique restaurant is located in an exceptional area, in the Vall de Laguar, in Benimaurell, which is a village in the interior of the province of Alicante, 775 metres above sea level, which gives it impressive views from what can only be described as the perfect balcony overlooking nature. From its beautiful and cosy terrace, you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of a landscape full of beauty, the so-called Collao de Les Gargues.






So if you add to these beautiful views excellent food and good company, you then have the perfect formula for a wonderful day in this unique restaurant that will impress you from the moment you arrive.






When this restaurant started it was at the time closed but with hard work and a determined passion they set about twelve years ago rebuilding and reinventing what it is now called La Venta del Collao.


As soon as you set foot in this restaurant you are amazed by the surroundings and its terrace leaves you impressed but also in addition to this, they have a large indoor dining room from where you can also appreciate the beautiful nature outside, making this little gem hidden in the middle of the mountains perfect for both summer and winter.






When you ask people what they like about dining at La Venta del Collao and why they come back, they all agree on the same thing, and that is because besides quality and exquisiteness it is because the recipes never change here and there are many unique dishes made with the best and freshest ingredients, and they are authentic dishes that preserve through the years their original recipe and taste,  here you can book your favourite table with the same stunning views to eat and enjoy that favourite dish with the same recipe and rich flavor as before and they are always consistent and that is what always makes a good restaurant successful.


Its cuisine is Mediterranean, and simple plus very tasty and always very well presented, and the food is wholesome and cooked perfectly. Among their most popular dishes are Lamb Ribs and Chicken Livers, all cooked in the oven resulting in incredibly tender and tasty meats, its Duck Fideua is also famous for its unique taste plus all of their delicious creamy rice dishes which are a must to try.




Chicken livers


Baked pork knuckle




Meatballs in tomato and onion sauce


Baked cod


Pork ribs




Another credit to this charming restaurant is its friendly and attentive staff, who are always professional therefore making the dining here even more delightful. Some clients come from as far away as Valencia to come and see them time and again due to the high quality of the menu and service.


La Venta del Collao is, without doubt, a top ten restaurant in a superb location in the middle of nowhere in the best sense of the phrase, it is simply a diamond in nature that is full of animals that children love to see and allows everyone to have a good time so it is also very children friendly.





At Spain Life we highly recommend a visit to disconnect and reconnect again and enjoy the culinary experience in the nature of La venta del Collao and if you are also a lover of hiking, there are a number of routes around that you will love such as the famous “Barranco del Infierno”, there are also many areas for cycling, walking and hiking, it really is a beautiful place for nature lovers.






In addition, the restaurant allows you to leave the car in its large car park and then return and have a lovely dining experience.


So if you want a dining treat with a view then come book your table now at this very special restaurant you will be pleased that you did.




Contact Details:

Address: Partida del Camí del Collao, S/N Benimaurell, Alicante

Phone: 649 59 05 38








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