This Christmas don’t miss these plans in Valencia city

December is synonymous with joy, festivity, and lots of plans with friends and family. Unfortunately, this year we have to adapt to the current situation we going through and cancel some of the usual plans for this time of year.


However, we did research on the best plans for Valencia city and there are still very interesting things to do on these festive days, read on and don’t miss them! Let’s say goodbye to the year with a smile.


Skating in Valencia





Ice-skating rinks became a must in the city during the Christmas season, but this year due to the coronavirus there will be no ice-skating rink in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.


If you want to practice ice-skating with all the safety and hygiene measures of covid-19, you can go to the “Fun On Ice” rink next to the Bonaire Shopping Centre.







Classical music by Candlelight






Enjoy a Christmas concert like never before with a ballet dancer! Let yourself be carried away by the talent of the Cuarteto Valencia and enjoy some of the most typical compositions for the Christmas season, including P.I. Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake.


All in a location as iconic as Valencia’s Ateneo Mercantil, live a magical afternoon in this special musical experience!









Dining in the dark; explore your senses




Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat in the dark? For many years, eminent psychologists have advocated dining in the dark as the best taste experience.


Studies show that 80%  of people eat with their eyes, and with that sense eliminated, the theory is that the other senses, i.e. taste and smell, take over to elevate your food to a whole new level. After blindfolding yourself in a dark, candlelit room, you’ll soon realize that focusing only on taste and smell can be a truly enlightening experience… as long as you’re not afraid of the dark!








Frozen the Musical for the first time in Valencia





The biggest ice adventure for the first time in Valencia: Frozen, the Musical!

This story inspired by Hans Christian Andersen and “The Ice Queen” is a musical journey where the protagonists will take you to a world of ice to live a fun, romantic, and emotionally charged adventure.


The heiresses to the throne Elsa and Anna are preparing to take over Arendelle’s throne to celebrate the Coronation of the Princesses… but a spell will change everything.


Join them, the daring mountaineer Kristoff and a fun “Snowman” who will make the little ones reflect on the main values of friendship. An exciting musical story and… for the whole family!








Christmas amusement park




The long-awaited 2020 Christmas Amusement Park in Valencia will finally be set up. This has been announced by Radio Ser Valencia in an article, stating that it will be in its usual Christmas location between 18 December 2020 and 22 January 2021.


It will be open on Saturday 18 December 2020  in the already well-known esplanade of the old Grao Station. Lots of fun and a Christmas atmosphere awaits us.

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