The women who make a difference here in the Costa Blanca

Today we feature three women who have made their businesses flourish in these tough times and are pioneers for all women who are looking to make a difference.



In today’s modern world, the business landscape is no longer ruled by men. Nowadays, there is an increasing number of successful women entrepreneurs who build real empires and here at Spain Life Exclusive we wish to highlight three special ladies who are an inspiration to all women.


However, although the business landscape has become easier and easier to conquer by women, it can still be unbalanced, and especially after these tough times, we all have been going through and still are for the rest of this year.


The stress suffered as a result of the pandemic by COVID-19 has significantly reduced the job satisfaction of women entrepreneurs compared to men.


The consequences of the pandemic on sources of stress such as the variation in business activity, the perception of the sustainability of the business, or the health risks of the pandemic, both personal and environmental, have been experienced differently in the case of women. It is a fact they all work, but the additional burden of the coronavirus has fallen more on women than on men, for example, in the care of children when they did not have school.


The emotional burden differs as women are more concerned about health, about how the family may be affected, and especially in the face of a pandemic, this with no doubt leads to a loss of satisfaction.


But in this article, we want to highlight the case of three successful women who have really known how to do it very well throughout their careers, they are successful entrepreneurs in Spain, and they knew how to deal with the current situation in a practical way, to move their businesses forward and thus overcome the difficulties.



Jessica Bataille




Jessica Bataille is a self-made successful entrepreneur, a true visionary, and developer of unique ideas that lead to real successful projects.

She is an acclaimed interior designer with more than 20 years of experience designing residential homes, commercial spaces, and her own line of products and furniture.

She was born in Holland, to a Dutch father and a Lebanese mother, she came to Jávea at the age of 12, and since then, that is her base and her inspiration. Lover of the beauty of simplicity and champion of the Mediterranean lifestyle that she herself practices, during this time she has surrounded herself with a team that makes possible what she imagines.



Her history with interior design began in 1996 when she began working as a salesperson in a furniture company in Pedreguer, at the age of 20. “During that period, I learned to negotiate, to sell what is beautiful, but also what is expensive, and to serve with excellence.”


A few months later, she felt the need to open her first shop in the port of Jávea, where she really wanted to live. This is how the idea of a fusion project was born, which focuses mainly on aesthetics, art, and creativity integrated into today’s contemporary environments.


She filled it with Mexican furniture, which was her favorite piece. That style, fresh and cheerful, especially dazzled foreigners. “This is how my adventure as a businesswoman began: with high doses of enthusiasm and courage … but also thoughtlessness.”



Soon, she began to decorate and do small renovations with the support of local builders. That was the germ of the turnkey project because customers wanted a comprehensive service.


The shop already had two display floors and a back room, but it soon expanded with the premises next door and the warehouse in front of it, where it was accumulating all the stock. This is how in 1998 she created her first warehouse.


In 2001, she turned the store, The Shop, into a concept store, because it changed the decor every season. “And in the spring of 2002, we opened our second shop, but in Gata de Gorgos, a neighboring town, also in the Marina Alta region and with great commercial movement thanks to local crafts. It was a huge success”.



A year later, she went to Menorca to decorate Belén Rueda’s house, who opened all the doors to her on the Balearic island… and soon after, Madrid, thus becoming the interior designer for many artists.


The Jávea shop became too small and in 2007 it became a creative space, with the expansion to the warehouse, called The Atelier. In 2010, the expansion continued with the opening of her first shop in Madrid, in the Barrio de las Letras. “For a time, I lived between one place and another, but I made the decision to return to focus my energy on Jávea and make my lifestyle project grow.”


This is how Bataille Living was born, thanks to an investor who believed in her turnkey project. The idea was to deliver a fully finished house, from the beginning to the end:

she designed and built the house with the help of her team, she reformed it to her liking, she enjoyed it to understand it … and then be able to sell it.


The first project was Maison Amour, with Manuel de Jorge as the architect. Then came Ca Olivia and Ca La Pinada, which was her first bioclimatic project. “I connected very well with a company that built under the Passivhaus philosophy and I immediately saw that this was the future: an expansion of the Mediterranean lifestyle because it was sustainable, low-consumption, perfect for a North-European client.” The second Jessica Bataille house certified as Passivhaus, Ca La Siesta, will be finished in 2021: it will mark a before and after because it will be the first in Jávea.



From there, she focused on recycling, her main value: they began to recycle houses that had been built by VAPF in the 70s and 80s. All this accumulated experience has also led her to evolve the after-sales concept. Thus, the concierge service was born. “And then we thought: why don’t we also offer the possibility of renting the houses to our clients?”


That is why in 2021 two projects materialize in which they have been working for years: “The Stay Residences is our online platform for the rental of Mediterranean houses. We want to generate a life experience inspired by Jávea. We are no longer an interior design company, we are, more than ever, a Mediterranean lifestyle company.


“Shop your Space is an online sales platform for complete spaces, where we are also going to tell the stories behind each object, each material, each craftsman. We want to promote a lifestyle that customers can enjoy immediately, always focused on the experience. It is a Shop your look applied to the house because you can choose how to decorate any space in the house”.


Also in 2021, we have created a new space, The Studio, a warehouse in which the creative universes of Jessica Bataille will continue to grow.



Ines De Roy… Bello Horizonte  Group



The story we are going to tell you now is the story of Ines de Roy. A hard-working woman who has given her all to achieve her dream and make it a success.


Ines came to Spain twenty years ago after successfully running different businesses in Belgium, her native country. In love with Spain, its climate, and the lifestyle, she moved with the idea of carrying out what she always had in mind, one of her dreams, to set up a business dedicated to the sale of furniture and decoration.


Prior to moving to Spain, she was coming on holiday every year to Costa Blanca and had always felt that there were not enough furniture shops and the design was a bit classic in its style. She had many ideas in her mind and motivated by her experience in the construction field in Belgium, she decided to make it happen.


So, then is when the search for a site that would really meet her needs to be started. She didn’t want to set up an ordinary furniture shop, she wanted to go big, with a large and colorful showroom where people could not only see and buy but also get inspired. A whole exhibition full of warm decoration corners, with a thousand and one ideas to help people to create those spaces that you see in the movies.





When she found the perfect plot, she was faced with another challenge. The owner of the land would only agree to the sale if they also acquired the premises next door, which at the time was a pizzeria. And so, the Bello Group was born; Bello Horizonte Decoracion, and the old pizzeria would become the famous Masena restaurant that we know today.



Soon, the restaurant took shape and became the beautiful restaurant it is today, transformed from a cozy rustic house that has managed to preserve its warm and familiar atmosphere to enjoy a unique gastronomic experience.


Ines de Roy took the best people to lead the restaurant, Hamid and Valentin, and together with them they bring to the Mediterranean coast a cuisine rich in ideas and elaborate and intense tastes, which make up a menu that changes with the seasons and with incessant variations and suggestions that seek to impress customers.



One year after Masena’s opening, the beautiful store showroom Bello Horizonte started running by showing a comprehensive selection of interior and outside furniture.


It’s here, amidst a sea of colorful wooden furniture and upholstery, owner Inés de Roy tells the story of her beloved Bello Horizonte: “We opened over 20 years ago in this exact same spot”, says the Belgian who now lives in Jávea with her husband. “My family had always worked in the construction business yet I was more passionate about interiors. We’d visited the area many times and had wanted to move here for a long time. So when we arrived and opened the store a few years later it was two dreams that had come true”.


And after all this time Inés remains fully involved with all aspects of the business. In fact, most items in the showroom have been handpicked, by Inés: “I can’t sell anything I don’t like myself”.


Independently run and personally managed, Bello Horizonte is certainly one of a kind but what sets it apart most from the competition is the continuous quest for truly one-off designs: “We are not interested in mass-produced furniture, this is so common now.


We like to offer our customers rare creations, that have their own character.” And this is certainly what Bello Horizonte delivers. Whether it’s an antique oriental cabinet, a vintage, leather chesterfield armchair, or a quirky barn door converted into a shabby chic coffee table – each and every item is completely unique with its own history and story to tell.







Motivated to provide premium quality, as well as originality, Inés regularly travels as far afield as Southeast Asia in search of creative designs, made with the finest materials and expert craftsmanship: “I go abroad several times a year in search of new products. Many of the items in the store come from Java Indonesia but also from China, India, and even European countries such as Holland and Belgium. The location isn’t the objective, it’s more about finding nice things that are individual and well-made.”





With time, her husband who is a Belgian long-distance European horse champion wanted his own stables as he did not want to be involved with restaurants and furniture so they created the marvelous Vall de Cavall and he runs this with over 80 horses and stables. This amazing place is set amongst the beautiful hills just outside the town of Gata De Gorgos and on here sits the wonderful restaurant that is Vall de Cavall.





The restaurant is part of the magnificent complex that has wonderful views a stunning long driveway past fields of some of the most delightful horses and scenery you can ever imagine.

So, this is the story of Ines de Roy, a businesswoman who is successfully the driving force behind it all organizing as well as the staff the everyday operation of three businesses daily.



Claudia Parra: Cosmetic surgeon




Finally, we are going to tell you about the story of a woman who crossed the pond, leaving behind her roots and all that entailed just to make her dream come true.


This is the story of Claudia Parra. Since she was a child, Dr. Parra knew she wanted to be a surgeon and while attending medical school in her native Colombia she made this childhood dream a reality. She found her true passion is in the operating room and this inspired her to specialize in plastic surgery.


Dr. Parra explains, ¨I chose the specialty of plastic surgery because of how important reconstructive surgery is for a human being and the aesthetics that is linked to the art of beauty and psychology since some complexes affect self-esteem in a negative way.”


Dr. Parra moved to Valencia, Spain to achieve what she had always wanted to be a successful plastic surgeon and to transform the lives of those who are not happy with their appearance. It was not an easy road, because as an ex-pat, she had to face many obstacles.


She began her specialized studies in plastic surgery at the famous Hospital la Fe, and three years after finishing her specialty, she set up her own clinic for aesthetic and restorative medicine under her own name.




It is now more than twenty years since then and during all these years her career has been brilliant. Her impressive 20-year career of performing plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetic medicine has made her an expert in various fields such as breast augmentation, glute augmentation, facial surgery, rhinoplasty, liposuction, laser treatments, and facial fillers. Her clinic in Valencia has been providing her clients with a top of the line, specialized experience for over two decades.


Claudia Parra’s success lies in the strength she has to overcome all challenges, the desire she has always had to achieve her goal, and the way she carries out her work. Dr. Parra is characterized by her honesty, her dedication to her work, and above all to people. She spends time getting to know people, listening to them, and understanding what they want in order to help them, which is not always possible. And that is where Claudia Parra deserves a mention, she is completely honest and when she knows as a professional that something is not possible for a certain patient, she always communicates it giving all possible options.




Claudia Parra is a great surgeon and above all a great person who is faithful to her work and to the people behind the patients. A great fighter who has known how to grow in the face of adversity and no obstacle has prevented her from achieving the success she enjoys today.






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