Essenza; the unique restaurant by the beach in Calpe

When we speak of a gastronomic experience, we go beyond disliking an exquisite dish. We are talking about an authentic pleasure for the 5 senses, and this is exactly what you will experience at Essenza, an outstanding restaurant in a privileged place in Calpe, in front of the Peñon de Ifach.


Instead of focusing on dishes from a certain geographical region, Essenza has Italian cuisine as its main protagonist but focusing on Signature cuisine. It is an Italian-Asian fusion with the freshest and natural ingredients. The result is exceptional.


Fusion cuisine is a concept used to define the mixture of different seasonings and representative ingredients from different countries. It is a cuisine that is completely open to different culinary proposals from around the world, expressed by its clean flavors, its diverse modes of preparation, and presentation of the dishes.




Today, beyond being a gastronomic trend, it is marked by the creativity of the chefs and by the use of food ingredients from different cuisines, in this case, Italian and Asian cuisines. However, this cuisine requires a very deep knowledge of these cuisines.

At Essenza, they are experts in both cuisines and combine them to perfection.


A must-visit

Essenza has become a benchmark in fine-dining. Its pleasant atmosphere as well as its always welcome and friendly staff, have made it one of the most chosen options by people of this beautiful coastal town as well as of the surroundings (when the law allows us to move).


It is not always easy to find a restaurant that makes you enjoy a perfect evening. A gastronomic experience, coupled with great location and professional and friendly staff, is what you will find in this top restaurant.


The sunset from Essenza terrace


It is also worth mentioning that the large space they have, lets them have more space between the tables than usual and that is something very valuable at present.


Their dishes

If we had to choose just one of their dishes, we couldn’t opt for one! What they cook are authentic gastronomic works for pleasure and taste. In their menu, you will find dishes for all tastes, from exquisite pizzas and stuffed pasta to meat and fresh fish from the area, being this one of their top dishes.



However, these that we showed to you next are some of the dishes they offer this Christmas, are simply delicious.



Bogavant risotto



Vanilla pumpkin cream with dates and orange


Would you like to taste any of their exquisite dishes? Book your table! At the current moment, it is open from Monday to Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.




Contact Details:


Restaurante Essenza

Calle Gran Bretaña, 4, Calpe – 03710 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 940 657




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