The trip through Italy without leaving Jávea continues in La Casa della Pasta

There is nothing like a good holiday to return to work with renewed energy. After a well-deserved rest, the Italian restaurant par excellence of Jávea La Casa della Pasta reopens its doors so that its guests enjoy another fantastic Giro d’Italia, traveling through their palates.


In a beautiful corner of Jávea, very close to its beach, is the restaurant La Casa della Pasta. Surely you have gone to many places where they serve Italian food, but none like this. The Italian-Dutch couple that runs it bet to bring to this region of Alicante the real, authentic Italian food. This restaurant has more than 20 years of experience and focuses on a menu that pays homage to traditional Italian recipes. To do this, its chefs cook with fresh seasonal products and sauces freshly prepared.



If you want to try an authentic Italian dish without leaving the Valencian Community, La Casa della Pasta is the ideal restaurant. Its specialties include the risotto made with carnaroli rice, the tagliatelle al funghi porcini and the juicy panzerotti with burro and sage. It also have a delicious selection of homemade desserts, such as the traditional tiramisu. All accompanied by Italian wines, but of course.


Aside from standing out for offering authentic Italian food, La Casa della Pasta also proposes a trip to Italy through the senses. Every 15 days a different region is proposed, offering traditional dishes of the area in its Giro d’Italia. On this occasion we will travel to the Lazio region, which is located in the central part of Italy. The amazing menu proposed by its chefs is made up of an entrée of gnocchi e carciofi alla romana, delicious gnocchi of wheat semolina accompanied by tomato gratin with pecorino cheese and artichokes boiled with garlic and parsley. The main course is straccetti with funghi e rucola, succulent thin strips of beef sautéed with boletus on a bed of arugula. The finishing touch to this exquisite menu is a traditional crostata ai frutti di bosco, an appetizing Italian-style forest fruit cake. Do not miss this trip through Lazio during these two weeks.



I’m sure you are hungry right now. Enjoy the good weather of Jávea by eating the Italian delights of La Casa della Pasta in its dining room or on its spacious terrace. There is also private parking for customers. You will find this fabulous restaurant at 27 Cabo la Nao-Pla Road, in Jávea. Make your reservation today by calling at the phone number +966 461 347. You can also check its menu on its website (, as well as its latest news on its Facebook profile ( and on its Instagram (


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