The three S´s of Maranda… Finding your perfect dining table

The eating area is arguably the most important area in a home. From early cups of coffee while your eyes are still adjusting to the dawn light, to a room filled with friends and family at a holiday meal, the dining area is used morning, noon and night, year after year. And the hub of any eating space is a well-designed, functional and stylish table.


Maranda Mobles i decoració, based in Javea, is Alicante’s premier furniture store specialising in a plethora of top-quality dining table options. Their experts are trained to help you choose a dining table to fit your home design desires while never compromising usability. Maranda has a large variety of styles ranging from modern and sleek to earthy and minimal and everything in between.


Every kitchen or dining room deserves a distinct and well-curated table to seamlessly flow with the room aesthetic. The options of a dining table can be overwhelming, from texture and material options to height and shape to more unique features such as leg structure and chair placement. The three factors- shape, size, and style- are the basis for selecting the perfect dining centrepiece.



    • The shape of a table can truly set the tone for your dining area. While rectangular designs are more common and traditional in terms of form, a square can offer an unexpected balance and intimacy to a space. A large oval shape can give a seamless look and allow the eyes to not be distracted by harsh edges while adding an interesting contrast when placed in a room with 90-degree angles. And a small circular table for a couple creates the ultimate romantic dining experience… Sharing a plate of spaghetti, reminiscent of Lady and the Tramp, anyone?


Once you have decided what shape you prefer, sizing is the next option to consider. First off, what can the space of the room accommodate? Next, how many people will your table need to be able to seat? And do you prefer to have extra chair space to invite visitors or are your meals typically shared with only the people living in your home? The size of your table is the most practical and important aspect when choosing a functional piece.





After the shape and size are determined, your perfect dining table is now a matter of style preference. Consider the use of materials, glass can add modern elegance while wood gives warmth and depth. Monotone slabs that offer ample space add sleek structure. And a sculptural table can evoke a sense of art and spatial awareness that will garner more attention than any painting on a wall.



So, if you have a clear idea of your perfect dining table or even if you are still weighing out different options and designs, Maranda Mobles i decoració is your trusted furniture store here to guide you on your decor journey. To see dining table options and other furniture such as sofas, beds, outdoor furniture and more featured at Maranda, visit them online or in store.

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