The Rhinoplasty without surgery at DS ICONIC BEAUTY in Costa Blanca.

When it comes to our beauty the nose is probably the most important element of the face, and if it happens in your opinion to sticks out more than you wish then it may draw attention to itself and make the facial proportions overall look out of place.


Nowadays for all those who feel that their face is not harmonious enough due to their nose, there are procedures other than surgery known as rhinoplasty which although it gives results for good not everyone is able to go through all that is involved in undergoing surgery.


So if you are afraid of surgery but need an aesthetic change in your face that rhinoplasty can provide then this is definitely for you because there is a procedure called “Rhinomodelation”  now that although it is not new, there are still people who are unaware of the advantages of this non-invasive procedure.


Today we wanted to ask DS ICONIC BEAUTY one of the top clinics on the Costa Blanca performing this procedure all about it as they are one of the most renowned aesthetic clinics with a lot of expertise in all the procedures they offer.




Rhinoplasty; the efficient alternative to Rhinoplasty


Let’s start by talking about the technical side and explaining exactly what the procedure consists of.


It consists of a nasal remodeling performed with non-invasive and non-surgical aesthetic techniques by using filler materials (hyaluronic acid) to give a natural and aesthetic appearance to the nose. It represents an excellent alternative for patients who don’t wish to undergo invasive surgical procedures, general anesthesia and because it is a procedure that doesn’t require downtime.


Thanks to hyaluronic acid, the shape of the nose can be corrected without having to undergo surgery.






The different anatomical variations that the nose can have can cause important changes in the structure and physiognomy of the face, but it has the advantage of being an anatomical structure that can be infiltrated with filling material to rejuvenate it, remodel it and improve its shape to adapt it to the patient’s physiognomy and provide greater confidence and security.






Having said that, rhinomodelation is an excellent and quick way to achieve a nose that harmonizes our face and the results of it are very natural. The filler is applied carefully, modifying the shape of the nose so that it fits like a glove to the physiognomy of the face. The professionals at DS ICONIC BEAUTY study the patient’s features in order to introduce the optimal amount of hyaluronic acid.


The professional staff at DS ICONIC BEAUTY also reminds us that the treatment is not definitive and that if the patient wants to maintain its effects over time, it is necessary that once the hyaluronic acid has been completely absorbed a new session is carried out to maintain the results.


However, there are patients in whom the effects of the filler can last longer, it all depends on each organism. Sometimes the results can be visible up to 12 months after the application of the hyaluronic acid.


That’s how easy it is to get a new nose! This area of our face can cause us great complexes and in just 20 minutes you can eliminate them, so why not try this procedure?


Now that you know more about it is time to make an appointment at DS ICONIC BEAUTY and make up your mind!. Their treatments are always personalized for each client. If you are interested in any of these or want to know more, call today and ask for an appointment without obligation so that they can advise you on the one that best suits your needs.


You’re just one step away from getting the nose you’ve always wanted.






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