The Rarity And Excellence Of The One-Of-A-Kind Indian Furniture At Ajomarinba

Because decorating trends do not always originate in the Nordic countries, we now go find ourselves going to more exotic locations to uncover all the décor that originates in the East. We, therefore, went to India specifically to hunt for the rarest decorative pieces and handcrafted furniture that will undoubtedly provide a more unique touch to the design of our homes.


The journey we propose today is not in itself a real journey, but it is a very sensorial one, as Ajomarinba, the beautiful home décor workshop based in the town of Elche, takes us to India, one of the most remarkable destinations in terms of furniture, décor, and crafts.



The use of arts and crafts constructed of solid wood in dark tones, intricate textiles, metals, and dramatic use of colors characterize the Indian style of décor. Because of the wealth of elements available in Indian culture, decoration with tapestries, wardrobes, cushions, carpets, boots, chakki tables, chairs… has become one of the most versatile styles for creating compositions, whether to introduce a single element or to create complete decorative arrangements.



Decorative styles from India will add a splash of color, fresh textures, and history to any room in your house. Unique items created by artists from throughout the country with specific embellishments and natural materials transform a dramatic and elaborate design into a simple and strong one.

They usually bring the luxurious look and feel that is synonymous with Indian ethnic design, creating unique and exclusive spaces.

Furniture from India is so unique that it needs a particular spot in our house. At Ajomarinba, you will find the individuality you are looking for to make any area in your house really distinctive. The majority of Ajomarinba’s furniture is imported from exotic India. Antiques, high-quality materials, and embellishments will make your home stand out.

Discover the Ajomarinba collections, which feature goods made from high-quality natural materials and patterns inspired not just by India, but also by Morocco and other exotic locales. Cotton, linen, needlework, prints, raffia, rattan, wicker… Color and material combinations to develop original goods that offer your places a distinct look.



Contact Details:


Partida Daimes – Polígono 1, N200-A

03293 Derramador – Elche

+34 626 70 09 77


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