The Origins of Azuree’s Stunning Rustic Furniture

Sourcing the finest materials from trusted suppliers, discover the root origins of Azuree Jávea’s staple furniture pieces. 

The aim of the rustic style is to achieve a relaxed, country and traditional atmosphere, which revolves around nature. The rustic decoration will be a trend this coming autumn, and Azuree Jávea’s furniture is made from natural materials which is a must.

Rustic decoration has been in our lives for many years. However, this timeless style has been changing over the decades and this autumn-winter it will once again be a trend. This time we find it with a modern air that tries to avoid the strictly ornate and old-fashioned, as it adapts to the new times. The fact is that we are increasingly taking into account the practicality of each element that makes up the decoration, as well as the tranquillity that they transmit to us.

In such a way that the “new rustic” or modern rustic style consists of creating an atmosphere connected with nature, it’s still very relaxed at the same time. It’s also based on white tones, with furniture made of natural fibres and rounded shapes, as well as new arrangements in the interior of the home. Azuree Jávea designs its rustic pieces and then discusses its vision with the manufacturer to make it a reality. 

Here are the materials and styles available at Azuree Jávea: 


Teak wood stands out for its properties when used to manufacture products that are placed outdoors, especially for its natural durability. It’s currently one of the best-known tropical woods on the market and its many uses include shipbuilding and outdoor and luxury furniture.

It’s a kind of wood that stands out for its magnificent characteristics of natural durability, as well as its good dimensional stability. Teak wood has an antiseptic resin that makes it resistant to attack by various organisms, such as termites and fungi. Azuree sources its teak from Indonesia, and is used to make its strong centre room pieces such as its coffee tables, TV Tables, dining tables, both interior and exterior, as well as bases for decorative end tables. 

Suar Wood 

Suar wood is the Indonesian variant of Albizia Saman, a tree native to South America. The Suar woods that the store uses in its designs are usually seven to ten centimetres thick, which demonstrates the robustness of the resulting table. Also characteristic of this type of wood is its edge, as the edge corresponds to the very outer edge of the tree. 

Azuree works with an elegant, luxury table model, for sophisticated spaces or where we want to offer originality and exclusivity for the grandeur of dining tables. A suar tree trunk dining table creates a unique and luxurious look for your dining room and therefore for your entire home.


 Oak furniture offers a wonderfully natural look that will create a homely and comfortable atmosphere in your home. It allows the wood to speak for itself and does not detract from a complicated or showy design. This is because oak is a naturally stunning material, with a fabulous grain pattern that is naturally warm and elegant. 

Azuree has large, impressive oak dining tables that are 3 metres in length, perfect for entertaining many guests at once for dinner parties. 


With sustainability and the good of the environment in mind, Azuree also stocks recycled Elm from China. Elmwood has been a long-time favourite in Europe for its attractive appearance and on the other hand and its excellent behaviour in humid environments, making it ideal to withstand outdoor conditions. 

In addition, take a look at this totally unique and intriguing piece also sourced from China. It’s an ancient door that’s been converted into a coffee table: 








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