The Most Suitable Places to Live in Spain According to Your Lifestyle

When searching for locations to live in Spain, it’s important to do your research to find the best place suited for all of the family’s needs, activities, and lifestyle choices. 

There are places in Spain that are not only wonderful to travel to, but also to live in. This is the case with various cities that stand out for their high quality of life, and that offer everything you could wish for to make living or spending a few days of vacation in them a pleasure.

When planning your move to the sunny Iberian country, it’s important to remember which activities will play a prominent part in your life there. Whether enjoy trekking in the countryside, taking a dip in the ocean, or you have children who enjoy afterschool activities, there are cities that’ll tickle your fancy more than others.  

When it comes to adults, perhaps you’re an avid golfer, then choosing to live in a country village is not quite the ticket. Sometimes we have to be practical in order to satisfy the whole family, and that’s where the holistic services of Elys Relocations will come in handy.  

Sun, fun and an easy-going lifestyle is a common denominator shared by all the cities and towns in Spain. However, being someone who does not know each and every corner of the country, you may have some doubts. What are the best places to live as a foreigner? 

In this article, Elys Relocations is going to clear things up for you. We’ll go over our 5 recommendations so that you can have an easier time deciding. 



The vibrant Spanish capital is jam-packed with cool barrios filled with fashion-forward locals, delicious cuisine, outdoor markers and refined culture. 

The central areas like Malasaña, Gran Vía, Chueca or La Latina feature a huge variety of leisure and entertainment hotspots, like hipster hangout style cafes, discos, art galleries and bars. As you can imagine, these areas are always busy, but they make for extremely exciting places to experience. 

The entertainment and leisure aspects of this city are also something to highlight. If you enjoy shows, theatre and concerts, Madrid is the place for you – going to the theatre to see The Lion King is a must. Not to mention the energetic nightlife. 

While costs and prices in Madrid may be a bit higher than elsewhere in the country, that’s not something to be scared of. If you compare it to other European cities like London or Paris, Spain’s two main cities are much cheaper. 

With many spacious parks dotted around the city, Madrid is a great place to escape with the kids for an afternoon away from noisy traffic, and the general hustle and bustle of the city. 


From bohemian havens, stunning architecture to ground-breaking infrastructure, Barcelona is filled to the brim with chic neighbourhoods for all tastes.

Barcelona is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Europe. People from all over the world live here, establishing an intercultural communication that few places allow. Moreover, its history, its neighbourhoods and its culture make it one of those cities that must be visited and discovered at least once in a lifetime.

And not only because we are talking about a city with sea and beach (something that Madrid doesn’t have). 

The truth is that Barcelona has much more to offer, especially for a foreigner. Because in Spain’s second-largest city you will find hundreds of ex-pat communities. Just go to Meetup or any other similar platform and you will be amazed by the number of events that take place every day with the sole purpose of meeting new people. 


Therefore, as an ex-pat, you will have no problem creating a new social circle here. Moreover, it is also the perfect environment to work online and even become an entrepreneur. 

Barcelona is one of the most important hubs for entrepreneurs in all of Europe, as it has the key inputs for any startup to be successful: talent and technology. That’s why many international entrepreneurs come to the city to set up their new companies. 

In addition, many, many digital nomads choose it as their new residence from which they will manage their clients around the world. Just Google how many coworking spaces there are in the city and you will be surprised. 



According to a survey conducted by the OCU, the Spanish city with the highest quality of life is Vigo. This Galician city by the sea obtains excellent ratings in various categories analysed. It stands out most for its cleanliness and safety, as well as for its numerous parks and green spaces.

Vigo is ideal for all ages thanks to its varied leisure, cultural and sports offer, with numerous museums, important historical heritage and year-round plans, such as its famous Christmas lights and markets. And, if the weather is good, you can enjoy the promenade and the beach of Samil. The airport is only a 10-minute drive from the centre.

Vigo has been crowned as an ideal city for families with children, being a leader in offering excellent educational facilities, according to its inhabitants. The citizens of Vigo have also expressed that they feel very safe walking through its streets, which they consider especially clean thanks to proper waste management.

As for the environment and pollution, really important issues in the quality of urban life, Vigo has positioned itself as a highly valued city, with the prospect of improving progressively over the years.


Zaragoza has been ranked second in the same OCU study, so there is no doubt that it’s another of the Spanish cities with the best quality of life. One of the strengths of this Aragonese city is its great offer in real estate and education, as well as its employment levels.

Its historical heritage, with its majestic Basilica del Pilar, and a leisure agenda for all tastes also make it a perfect destination for varied weekend plans. And if you are in the city, don’t forget to take a tour of Roman Zaragoza like the one we suggest.


The quality of life ranking, published in the March issue of the ‘OCU Compra Maestra’ magazine, is led on this occasion by Vigo, Zaragoza and Bilbao. Specifically, the Aragonese capital leads in aspects such as the labour market and the real estate market. 

It also obtains very good valuations in other aspects such as transport, health services, education, cultural, sports and leisure activities. In fact, together with Bilbao, it’s the best-rated city for families with children. Other aspects, such as cleanliness and waste management, do not exceed the average of the other cities.



Perhaps you’ve considered living in a large city has to but without suffering the high cost of living? Then Valencia should be your new home without a doubt. Especially since housing and rent are also much cheaper there. The real estate market in this area is growing and may present a great investment opportunity. 

Located on the Mediterranean coast of the country, Valencia has undergone a radical transformation in recent years. This has led the city to become one of the most dynamic places in the country. 

Public transportation runs smoothly, making the city and its surroundings a compact area. The quality of education, with international schools, and the health care system works wonderfully as well. 


Valencia is home to the traditional Paella, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. 

The local atmosphere offers you many opportunities to enjoy the culture and architecture of the city, with the famous museum of “Las Artes y las Ciencias” at the forefront. 

Finally, finding a job in Valencia is not complicated at all: there are plenty of opportunities for expatriates. In case you decide to work on your own, it will also be a good place: the digital nomad and freelance community is also up there with Barcelona. 



Granada is a charming city that is characterised by being quite quiet, with a good quality of life and without being too expensive. In fact, it is one of the favourite places for young people and students due to its low costs, and also for the older population thanks to the convenience of the city.

Real estate agencies in Granada offer people who want to buy a home for the first time or simply retire, really attractive prices. There are very few cities of this size where you can get such low prices, both for renting and buying.

Granada is a cheap city to live in. All basic necessities, apart from housing, can be paid for even on a relatively low salary without sacrificing the quality of life. This also includes leisure. In fact, this is one of the main attractions for students and young people who have just left home.

Granada is a growing city, which is making investors and companies decide to set up their businesses here. Between the low costs and the potential it has, Granada is very attractive to make it grow.

In fact, many people are looking to buy here because it is a city in continuous expansion, which means that in a few years the value of housing will increase, or at least it is almost certain. In addition, urban and logistic plans are constantly being carried out in Granada.

Granada is a calm and quiet city, very different from the big capitals of the country such as Madrid or Barcelona. Public transport services work very well, traffic is practically non-existent and getting around on foot is very comfortable due to the scarce presence of cars.

Home to La Alhambra, Granada enjoys a lot of preserved culture, so that leisure, sports and cultural services are available to everyone. Close to the sea and the mountains, but still close to the big cities. Here you can have a good quality of life without having to isolate yourself.


Get in touch with the team at Elys Relocations, whose professional team will best advise you on all legal, financial, and holistic matters to best determine your ideal living destination. 



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